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Jinzhou City Haisheng Textile Trading Co., Ltd was established in 2016 and is located in Jinzhou City, Hebei Province, one of the centers of textile fabric. Under the background of China's Entry into WTO, we have stably held Asian and African markets, depending on our high quality and competitive price. Our products are 100% exported. As the development of the international market, the scale of our company becomes larger and larger.
Our company has been specializing in producing T/C and T/T series of gray cloth for a long time. Our products are all machine-made products, with stable quality and reasonable price. They are widely used for family spins, embroidering, apparels, and foreign trade.

We also can find suitable manufacturers to do blanching, dyeing and printing for you. You can order the special specification products. We hope to establish long-term cooperation with you.
We believe that by relying on the first-class equipment, advanced management idea, remarkable management, professional members, and striving teamwork, we can walk into the international world stably.

T/C  90/10 45*45 110*76 47" /63" 96*72 47" 63" 88*60 47" 63" T/C 80/20 45x45 133*72 47" 63" 110x76 47" 63" 96x72 47" 63" 88*64 63" 94*70 47" 88*60 47" T/C 65/35 45x45 110x76 47" 63" 96x72 47" 63" 133*72 47" 63" T/T 45x45 110x76 47" 63" 96x72 47" 63" C/C 32*32 68*68 63" 21*21 60*58 63" 20*20 60*60 63"

Contact: Louis Liu

Cell: 13266907991

WeChat: louis0154tex

QQ: 3590950878

Email: 3590950878@qq.com

Company: Jinzhou City Haisheng Textile Trading Co.,Ltd

Add: No.10 Xingjin Street,New Century Business Centre,Jinzhou City,Hebei,China

Postal Code:052260

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Jinzhou City Haisheng Textile Trading Co.,Ltd

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