China wholesale pvc wovern patten leather for handbags


Price: USD 3.00/square met
MOQ: 100 square met

Model Number : HB7545
Color : Customized Color
Material : pvc
Brand Name : Heart Sun
Backing Technics : knitted or customized
Pattern : embossed ,printed etc
Use : handbag ,shoes ,etc
MOQ : Every color of one design 500 meters
Feature : Abrasion-Resistant Anti-Mildew Elastic
Width : 52-54 inch
Thickness : 0.6-1.2mm or customized
Place of Origin : 40 meters per roll or according to your requirement

PU leather

PU leather is the skin of polyurethane component. Widely applied to make luggage, clothing, shoes, vehicles and furniture decoration, it has received increased recognition of the market a wide range of applications, the number of large, variety, is the traditional natural leather can not be met. PU leather quality is also good and bad, good PU leather even more expensive than the price of leather.


  • Knit

    Knitted fabrics with soft, moisture permeability, warm perspiration and other characteristics, most with excellent flexibility and extensibility. Woven fabric having a relatively high yield, suitable for small batch production characteristics. Knit apparel to wear comfortable fit and body, no arrests tight sense, can fully reflect the body curve.


  • ted fabric

  • Circular woven fabrics

    Or said weft knitted fabrics. The main products are: knitted jersey, cotton cloth, rib fabrics, mesh cloth, fleece, air layer, polyester cover up, terry cloth, pull flannel, terry cloth, artificial fur and so many, there are many changes in the mixed weave methods such as: changes in the organization flat rib, jacquard, tuck, Tim yarn tissue, tissue liner, terry and other organizational changes. Due to the different pin laws weave, the same product will be a lot of changes, such as: there is a small mesh mesh cloth, beads and mesh, pineapple, waffle and so on.

  • IMG_0692

    Flat woven fabric

    Or said warp knit fabric. The main products are: cross-rib, sweater fabric, yarn sweater fabric, warp plain weave fabric, warp knitting mesh fabric, warp suede, warp pile fabrics, warp knitted terry cloth, terry toweling warp and many more.


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