ity Nitrogen Generation System

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China Laser Cutting Machine Top Quality Nitrogen Generation System with High-Quality, Leading Laser Cutting Machine Top Quality Nitrogen Generation System Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Laser Cutting Machine Top Quality Nitrogen Generation System Factory & Exporters.

Gamma industrial Laser Cutting Machine Top Quality Nitrogen Generation System is exclusively for laser cutting use. In laser cutting operating, the cost of N2 (nitrogen) gas has reached 1/3-1/2 of total cost. Many customers use cylinder nitrogen bottles or liquid nitrogen,then gasify into gaseous nitrogen. These nitrogen supply methods are costly and inconvenient. To reduce laser cutting machine customers` nitrogen consumption cost, Gamma this laser cutting nitrogen generation system is an ideal product. It not only makes nitrogen use very convenient, but also get low cost nitrogen gas, and reduce the consumption of metal cutting oxygen, saving total operation cost of cutting. Laser cutting nitrogen generation system specification: Nitrogen purity: 99.999%, Flow rate: 45-55 Nm3/hr Outlet pressure: 6-20 bars Gamma laser cutting nitrogen generator has the following features: High integration: Filters, dryer, oil removers, nitrogen separator, nitrogen process tank, nitrogen buffer tank,etc are all included in one cabinet. After connecting air compressor, start the machine, high purity nitrogen is produced. High automation: This machine has very simple operation. It can be started/stopped by simple one touch of button. SIEMENS touch screen is supplied to display real-time machine operation state. Fast start up: Within 15 minutes after starting up, this nitrogen generator can produce purity qualified nitrogen for using point. Low energy consumption: only 0.55 kw electricity is needed to produce one cubic meter nitrogen. Small land occupation, simple installation: No special treatment needed for ground, just put on flat floor. 25 Nm3/hr machine only need 3.3 square meter land, 55 Nm3/hr machine only need 4.3 square meter land, System Combination

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