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Rice processing equipments low temperature recirculating heating rice paddy dryer machine


Price: USD 25000.00/1
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Paddy Dryer
Use Taiwan Technology,Reliable And Stable;
Bigger Capacity;
Protect Materials In Transit;
Automatic Control Intelligence;
Save Energy Consumption.

Main Features

1.Up-and-down design without screw conveyor, lowered grain crack rate, trouble-free and saving power.

2. Large drying area, thin multi-channel drying layer, makes drying efficiency and uniform.

3. Automatic drying monitoring system, temperature and moisture dynamic display, fault reminder, simple operation, make the operation management more convenient.

4. Equipped with imported grain moisture tester, real-time accurate detection of the current moisture value of grain.

5. Heating by multifunctional hot air furnace, uses rice husk, straw, wood and other fuels, makes low operating costs;

6. Strongly remove impurity, dryer with strongly removal function efficiently dry and remove impurity;

7. The inner heat exhaust air duct is automatically cleaned by air flow, grain dust is discharged with the grain, not stored in air duct.

8. According to the level of moisture and the customer's drying needs, set multistage drying temperature automatically, to achieve uniform, energy saving, fast drying.

9. The most durable axis and blades with reinforcement in industry, combines with the control by frequency conversion type allocating axis.

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