yrifos CAS 2921-88-2 Pesticide


origin: China
packaging: 250kg/iron drum
MOQ: 10

China Chlorpyrifos CAS 2921-88-2 Pesticide with High-Quality, Leading Chlorpyrifos CAS 2921-88-2 Pesticide Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Chlorpyrifos CAS 2921-88-2 Pesticide Factory & Exporters.

We are professional CAS 2921-88-2 Chlorpyrifos factory price high quality supplier in China, These high quality products are formulated by adopting quality methods and using well-tested ingredients that are procured from the certified vendors of the market. We offer these products in proper packaging of diverse quantity to meet assorted requirements of the clients. MF.: C9H11Cl3NO3PS MW.: 350.59 Melting point: 42.5~43℃ Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents Density: 1.398 g/mL Appearance: Light yellow crystalline Specification: ITEMS STANDARDS Appearance White to brown coloured crystals Content of a.i. ≥ 97% Melting point 41.5oC Water ≤ 1.0% Application: 1, Has the stomach toxicity, tag, fumigation, high efficiency, broad spectrum, low residual organophosphorus, no inner absorption effect. 2, Can control tea looper, small green leafhoppers, tea gall red spider mites, cotton aphid, cotton rice planthopper and rice vertical rool leaf moth, mosquitoes, flies, armyworm and sheep in vitro parasite and underground pests. 3, Prevention and treatment of rice planthopper and rice leafhopper, the larva ChengFa period, with 40% oil 12 ~ 18 ml / 100 m2, 7.5 kg of water spray equably, 4, prevention and control of the vertical roll leaf moth rice production, rice thrips with 40% oil 9 ~ 15 ml / 100 m2, 7.5 kg of water spray. 5, Adult mites periods, the prevention and control of cotton leaf mites, with 40% oil 10.5 ~ 15 ml / 100 m2 of 7.3 ~ 11.3 kg of water spray 6, The prevention and treatment of cotton aphid with 40% oil of 7.5 mL / 100 m2 6 kg to water spray 7, Prevention and control of cotton bollworm, pink bollworm, in the young larvae stage, with 40% oil 20 ml / 100 m2 of 7.5 ~ 15 kg spray 8, Prevention and control of soil pests and active ingredients in 10 g / 100 m2;Prevention and control of corn borer, active ingredients with 8.1 g / 100 m2 spray or poison soil fertilization 9, Prevention and treatment of inchworm, tea caterpillar, in 2 ~ 3 ages by 300 ~ 400 mg/kg liquid spray. Packaging & Delivery: Packaging Details: 250kg/drum or according to the customers` request Delivery Detail: within 7-20 days after deposit http://www.dailunchem.com

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