apeseed Oil Production Project


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As an international supplier for vegetable oil equipment and vegetable protein equipment, we are well-known throughout the oil and protein industry. Our product catalogue is extensive and includes?vegetable oil production lines, refining lines, low temperature soybean meal production lines, soybean protein concentrate production lines, soybean protein isolate production lines, cottonseed protein production lines, natural pigment extraction lines and production lines for harmless disposal of dead livestock and poultry. We also provide large scale drying machines, chemical pressure vessels, electrical control systems and common mechanical equipment. With top of the line processing equipment, a complete manufacturing system, and expert manufacturing and installation teams, we have successfully established over 200 vegetable oil production plants and vegetable protein production plants for customers all over the world. Customers come to us from Russia, America, Canada, Vietnam and other places. Looking for the right production plant for your facility? Come to us, and we will help find one to best suit your needs. Rapeseed Oil Production Project Production Capacity: 100-3000t/d rapeseed 800t/d rapeseed oil pressering, extraction, refinery production line We also provide the following project and equipment: Oilseed Pretreatment Project Oilseed Pressing Project Oil Extraction Project Oil Refining Project Cottonseed Miscella Refining Project Low Temperature and Edible Soybean Meal Project Soy Protein Concentrate Project Soy Protein Isolate Project Cottonseed Protein Project Full Fat Soybean Power Project ASME Pressure Vessel ASME Heat Exchanger http://www.oil-proteinmachine.com

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