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Lab internal mixer / Equipment control Equipment control lab internal mixer is mainly used for the mixing the mixed rubber, plastics and industrial chemicals, and also used for the mixing of all kinds of low viscosity materials. This lab internal mixer equipped with LED digital display with button setting input and value display output. And has diffenent capacity to be selected. Can be used for formular research and development, testing of raw materials, etc. Parameters: Mixing chamber volume 1L/3L/5L ( optional ) Rotation angle 110° Rotor speed ratio 1 : 1.27 Temperature range RT ~ 260 ℃ Power supply 3 ∮, 5 lines Specification: 1. Refuel method: Rotation 2. Rotor speed: 0 – 50 rpm frequency control 3. Rotor type: Roller / Banbury ( optional ) 4. Heating method: Electro-thermal tube 5. Controller: LED digital display with button setting input and value display output. Features ■ Three sides of the mixing chamber are independent with mezzanine heating or connecting water-cooling tubes, meeting the process requirements of any milling and refined plastics. ■ The surfaces of the mixing chamber contacted with the material are adopting high corrosion resistance and high wear-resistant material. With the processing of high frequency, carburization, hardening and tempering, chrome plating and polishing, it becomes hard and durable, hard to wear. ■ Strong pneumatic arc pressure mound is matched with the end of mixing chamber. This chamber is of good sealing property and the mixing can be close to the real working environment. ■ The speed motor drive of high pulling torque has an oval mixer shaft with two wings convex edges of lead angle. The angles are dislocated with opposite strength rotating and shearing, excellent mixing effect and efficient performance, significantly shortening the plasticate cycle. ■ The electronic control system adopts appliances with authentic brands. The all-digital instruments can set and display all mixing parameters. The circuit rationing is in accordance with CE or higher standards with linkage action self-locking protection function and extensive application, safe and reliable. http://www.bpinstrument.com

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