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lic press machine/ PLC control


origin: China
packaging: Plywood case
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China Lab tablet hydraulic press machine/ PLC control with High-Quality, Leading Lab tablet hydraulic press machine/ PLC control Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Lab tablet hydraulic press machine/ PLC control Factory & Exporters.

Lab tablet hydraulic press machine / PLC control Lab tablet hydraulic press machine can be used for material performing, color matching, blending and sample preparation. This PLC control lab tablet hydraulic press is equipped with PLC program control color touch screen. The human-machine interface operating system can set pressure, temperature, time and exhausting frequency. The vulcanization process is instantly displayed and monitored. The mould pressing procedure is set to be completed fully automatically. Parameters: Capacity 20/30/50T (optional) Temperature range Normal temperature ~ 300 ℃ Pressing plate size 300 X 300 X 50 mm Distance of pressing plate 100 mm Oil pressure medium Mobil 32# antfreeze hydraulic oil Power supply 3 ∮, five lines Specification: 1.Controller: PLC programmable color touch screen has human-machine interface. All the operating parameter can be set and controlled at will. Mould pressuring process and vulcanization curve can be displayed dynamically. 2.Heating method: Electro-thermal tube 3.Cooling method: Tap water cooling 4.Working layer: One layer. The upper die plate and lower die plate both have heating and cooling functions. 5.Oil pressure system: The closed-loop control system of proportion hydraulic flow valve with the functions of automatic compensation and time delay stopping of the fuel tank. Features ■ The standard model is optional: 20 tons, 30 tons and 50 tons. import high-precision pressure sensor to sense pressure and the pressure can be adjusted steplessly. ■ Pressing plates are made of SKD chromium-molybdenum steel. With the surface-layer processing of carburization, chromium plating and polishing, the hardness reaches 60HRC, making the plates durable and never rust. ■ High-strength, precise guide pillars bear the mould locking device of two-layer mould pressing plate with stable loading and durability. The visible doors with toughened glass are set around the pressing plates. once opening the door, all the mould pressuring actions will be stopped. ■ The machine is equipped with temperature control technology. Heating tube and heat transfer tube distributed on the density basis can ensure the uniformity of the temperature of the surface. ■ The integration of electric heating and water cooling makes the mould pressing plate have two functions of heating and cooling. The parallelism between the pressing plates is extremely high, which can meet the requirements of high-precision pressure pieces. The upper layer and the lower layer of the mould pressing plate are equipped with multiple rows of heat transfer tubes and S-shaped cooling tube with stable heating and quick temperature drop. After heating, the system will switch to the cooling process automatically and cool it in full pressure. After the cooling, the program will descends automatically and open the mould pressing plate with high automation degree. ■ Combination valve of proportion hydraulic flow can control hydraulic system with the functions of automatic compensation and time delay stopping of the fuel tank and the pressure can be adjusted. This hydraulic system is equipped with the double-speed work model, that is, adopt high approach speed in low pressure and low approach speed in high pressure. Multiple exhausting frequencies can be set to ensure template pressure has reached to saturation. ■ The human-machine interface operating system of PLC programmable touch screen can set and display all the mould parameters easily. Exhausting time, exhausting frequency, heating temperature, vulcanization time and the pressure degree can be set and displayed at will. The mould process can be displayed dynamically and be monitored in due time. The interface of vulcanization curve is visualized with accurate and reliable data.

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