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Lab torque rheometer Torque Rheometer is a measuring system for studying the flow, plastcizing, heat and shear stability of polymers. This torque rheometer system consists of a platform and some function units, such as the mixer and extruder. The platform connected with a function unit can measure flow and compounding behaviors, critical processing parameters of temperature, pressure, torque and viscosity of polymers in the laboratory-requiring only small sample volume. This lab torque rheometer, which is designed to a excellent system with high measuring precision, handling flexibility and testing reproducibility, has been widely applied in science research, quality control and process experiment. Ⅰ. Components and function 1. Mainframe: Receiving and sending data signal control temperature and mechanical transmission, real-time mapping pressure -time, temperature-time, torque - time curve reports and so on 2. Mixing unit: Divided into 50 ml and 300 ml of two kinds, both of them mainly complete material characterization of rheological measurements, and complete material mixing and plasticizing, can be used as mixed material research. Equipped with three kinds of rotors with shear capacity. Make the material and rotor execute mixing shear by the same speed but opposite direction force to the chamber wall 3.. Extrusion unit: Simulate actual processing equipment to evaluate material processing performance. It can also cooperate with capillary die under the different shear rate, to measure real viscosity of melted plastic and the objective characterization of material fluidity. 3. Other parts: Traction, calendering, blown film, automatic measuring and weighing are optional, in order to complete the material modification, the measurement of impurities, such as tensile rheological study. Ⅱ. Main parameters index 1. Mainframe Motor power 4 KW Rotation speed range 0.1 ~ 150 rpm Rotation speed deviation ± 0.5% F.S. Torque range 0 ~ 200 Nm Torque deviation ± 0.1% F.S. Melt pressure range 0.1 ~ 100 MPa Pressure deviation ± 0.5% F.S. Temperature range Room temp. ~ 300 ℃ Temperature deviation ± 0.5 ℃ Power supply 3 ∮ ,AV 380V 50Hz 2. Mixing unit ( optional ) Chamber capacity 60 ml Rotor material 38 CrMoALA Rotor type Roller Max rotation speed 250 rpm Max temperature 300 ℃ Max torque 200 Nm Temp. control system RKC, J type thermocouple, 3 areas heating, blow fan cooling 3. Extrusion unit ( optional) Screw diameter Φ 20mm Compression ratio 2.5 : 1 Length diameter ratio 25 : 1 Screw material 38 CrMoALA Max rotation speed 250 rpm Max temperature 350 ℃ Max pressure 0 ~ 100 Mpa Temp. control system Eletric heating, blow fan cooling 4. Die configuration Circle shape Φ 2.0mm, Φ 3.0mm, Φ 4.0mm Sheet shape 100 X (0 ~ 1.5mm) W X D, thickness is adjustable

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