screw sand washing machine

Diameter 1000mm

origin: Henan, China
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Spiral sand washer, also know as spiral sand washing machine, screw sand washer and screw sand washing machine, it needs to installed with some inclination, around 15 degree, when the spiral sand washer is working, with the rotating of the screw, on one hand it mix the sand with water and the clay is dissolved in the water, on the other hand, the sand will be transported to the higher end, and there is an outlet at the bottom of the spiral sand washer, where the washed sand is discharged and transported to a designed distance. However, there is some portion of fine sand go away with the clay, so it`s necessary to recover the sand with a fine sand recovery machine, after recycling, the profit is increased as there`s less loss of fine sand. For the spiral sand washer, the diameter of the spiral can be from 500mm to 3000mm, the length usually ranges from 5000mm to 7500mm. And for some big capacity, the quantity of the spiral can be doubled. That`s to say, there are two spirals in the tank of spiral sand washer. As to the washing principle of the spiral sand washer, it`s driven by motor via gearbox, which transmit the power to the rotating spiral, then the spiral rotates, the fresh water is fed at the bottom of the spiral sand washer, and the waste water will be discharged at the top part of the spiral sand washer due to overflow function. Technical parameters of spiral sand washer Model XL508 XL610 XL762 XL915 2XL915 XL1115 2XL1115 Screw Diameter(mm) 508 610 762 915 915 1115 1115 Length of Tub(mm) 6705 7225 7620 7585 7585 9782 9782 Max Feed Size(mm) ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 ≤ 10 Capacity (t/h) 20 40-50 50-75 100 200 175 350 Speed of Screw (r/min) 38 32 26 21 21 17 17 Motor Power ( kw) 5.5 7.5 11 11 2×11 15 2×15 Water Consumption(t/h) 6-60 6-63 9-63 10-80 20-160 20-150 40-300 Overall Dimensions(mm) (L×W×H) 8000×2343 ×1430 8000×2050 ×1400 8545×2650 ×3862 8500×2810 ×3600 8420×3765 ×3960 10970×3945 ×4720 10970×5250 ×4720 Weight(t) 2.67 3.80 5.23 6.27 11.11 10.18 17.94 For the application of spiral sand wahser, besides the sand, it can be also be used for coal washing, clay and impurities washing purpose in some ore processing plant, such as gold, manganese ore, and it can be also used a classifying machine in the ore beneficiation plant, which is widely used nowadays Features of spiral sand washer 1.Heavy duty, long service life and no quick-wear part 2.High washing, dewatering and classifying efficiency. 3.Economic and strong frame structure. What do we offer? 1: Stone crushing and screening plant 2: Sand and gravel washing and drying plant 3: Ore beneficiaton plant, such as gold ore, zinc ore, graphite, chromite ore, iron ore, cobalt ore, nickel ore, etc. 4: Cement production plant 5: Lime manufacturing plant 6: LECA/Oil proppant production plant 7: AAC block manufacturing plant 8:Designing based on client's specific requirements 9: Equipment production 10: After sale service, we will send our engineer to the client's factory to guide the installation, commissioning, training, etc. until the whole project runs smoothly. 11: Long-term spare parts supply.

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