XRFM Plastic Valve Leakage/Torque Testing Machine

  1. Brief introduction
XRFM series was our company new designed valve leakage/torque testing machine. It includes XRFM-63model(test range:DN16~DN63)、XRFM-125 model(tes range:DN40~DN125)、XRFM-400 model(test range:DN160~DN400). It’s necessary testing equipment for plastic valves industry. It accords to ISO8233,and meet the standard of API598-2009.
  1. Features
A. It adopts close-loop controlled Bionic robot to perform close&open the valve, much quicker and accurate. It avoid the traditional way(valve stem rotation angle) which can’t open&close the valve completely(less angle)or damage to the valve(over angle)
B. Filling pressure device adopts latest international pressure control technology.Pressurizing rapid and stability, high accuracy pressure control.It’s revolutionary innovation for traditional PID loop control mode
C. New technology designed end enclosure was also a highlights
1.Simple operation, no strict reequipments for the end diameter of the valve. Size and roundness error within 4mm can be installed easily.
2. Good sealing performance, seal device can change self size and shape to close tightly to the surface of the valve end according to valve end size(size error) and shape(roundness error) , then to achieve sealing performance.
3.When seal device enter into the valve end, can avoid Edges and corners,
To Prevent seal damage and prolong seal life
4. Automatic positioning system, press the button, then the valve can positioned to desired position, and it will not leave the desired position in test, to make the test result accurate, and protect the test piece.
5.Liquid screen display torque curve, record torque max value, and can set max torque protection.
6.It can save test result to the database, extract the test record anytime. And it has data search function and can save to USB
  1. Technical parameters:
Pressure control accuracy within 0.3%
Torque measuring range: ≤100N.m
Torque measuring accuracy within 1%
Pressurized time: ≤30seconds
Power supply 1KW AC380V
Machine dimension(LXWXH ) 1900x650x1800mm
Control cabinet(LXWXH) 550x650x1450mm

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