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China 10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Maintenance with High-Quality, Leading 10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Maintenance Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Maintenance Factory & Exporters.

10MW Steam Turbine Generator Rotor Maintenance QNP Maintenance and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd. is QNP`s subsidiary company, and has power engineering construction qualification. Generator rotor ground Symptom: Generator grounding one point or two points grounding light plate light. Fault Analysis: Generator rotor winding insulation damage, coil deformity and severe dust and greasy attached in the ends seriously are all leading to the grounding of the generator rotor windings. When the generator rotor winding grounding in one point, there is electrical current pass as the ground does not constitute an electrical circuit. However, after one point grounded, it is easy of leading another grounding point. If any part in excitation circuit ground, it can form ground fault of two or more points ground. It is very dangerous. After the failure, the rotor windings are short-circuited. Because of the small winding DC resistance, the excitation current will increase. So the magnetic field of generator is out of balance, and main magnetic flux reduces largely. So the STG will vibrant strongly. Meanwhile the power factor of the generator will be increased significantly and get into leading phase running (absorption of reactive power from the grid). The stator field becomes in the frond and the rotor field becomes in the back. It will make the stator current increases. If the watcher notice that there is no excitation varying but the excitation current and stator current suddenly increases, and the excitation voltage and AC voltage are all suddenly drop, and power factor meter indicates increasing or leading phase, it means the generator rotor grounded or inter-turn short circuited. You should shut down the STG and blow-out magnetic. Please inspect the excitation system and rotor windings, and find out the short circuit point and treat it. 135MW Steam Turbine Rotor slignment 50MW Steam Turbine Rotor Maintenance

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