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origin: China.
packaging: Normal Carton
MOQ: 1000

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LG side light 2.2W led module,special lens design 10*40 degree with uniform illumination,12-24V range input voltage,best for 8-30cm depth doulble side lightbox,5 years warranty. Features: The ZX01QB3 LED module is sourced by LG LED, good color conformity and no spot. It is DC12-24V. High efficiency 160lm/w. 10*40°beaming angle with even light. Anti-dusting, anti-moisture, waterproof, anti-shock. 20 pcs Max. in a series connection. CE, ROHS and UL certified and 5-year warranty. Application: Best for 8-30 cm depth double-sided light box at airports, metros, banks, buildings and shopping malls, etc. Parameters: Packing: Declaration: Warranty: 5 years. In order to ensure the safety, the broken wires needs to be replaced by the manufacturer or the service agent, or by the staff with the similar qualification. The given data in the specification was based on the laboratory testing, there may be discrepancy found in the actual products. The given drawings in the specification are only for reference, there may be discrepancy found in the actual products. The products are subject to change without prior notification.

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