le led module narrow light box


origin: Shenzhen, China
packaging: 1000pcs/carton
MOQ: 1000

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Features Adopt SMD2835, which ensure even color conformity and no spot. 99.99% gold thread, pure copper bracket coated with silver. 50pcs/string. Beam angle: 170°beaming angle. Anti-dusting, anti-moisture, waterproof, anti-shock. CE, ROHS and UL certified. Warranty: 5 years Application Best for 3.5-10 cm depth single-sided light box at airports,metros, banks, buildings and shopping malls, etc. ZE01BB2 module Parameters: Packing information: Due to the packing manner difference, please subject to the original products in case of discrepancy found between the picture and actual product. Warnings: Disassembling or modifying the product is forbidden. Installation with power on is forbidden. Any organic solvent chemical is forbidden. Acidic or alkaline adhesive is forbidden when install, neutral glass cement could be used for installation purpose, make it drying in open environment for four hours. Isolation and corrosion prevention on all wiring points and wire ends. Make sure the power wire is thick enough and ensure the voltage and connections are connected correctly before power on. This product should be used in a sign, do not expose it in opening site. Installation, maintaining should be done by professional staff. 50 pcs in a serial connection maximum. The power wire between power supply and module should be less than two meters to keep the same brightness on all parts. http://www.lby-led.com

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