Desktop Dual Use Automobile Diesel Oil Octane Number Test Cetane Meter Analyzer ASTM D2699


Measurement range:: (1)Aviation gasoline: 86.0~105.0/MON,Gasoline for motor vehicles
Accuracy:: Aviation gasoline:≤± 1.5/MON
Automobile diesel fuels:: ≤±2.6/CN ≤±2.6/CI
Price: USD 4700.00/1
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Desktop Dual Use Automobile Diesel Oil Octane Number Test Cetane Meter Analyzer ASTM D2699

Desktop Dual Use Automobile Diesel Oil Octane Number Test Cetane Meter Analyzer ASTM D2699

  • Introduction:

GD-QX-G Octane number & cetane number tester is our company's new product.It is suitable to

determine the octane number number of aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, blended gasoline, ethanol

gasoline, and it is also suitable to determine the cetane number of automobile diesel fuels.It’s dual-use

and meets the international standards to determine fast.

I. Main technical specifications

1.With the innovative high precision digital sensor,strong anti-interference capability,less deviation,

high precision,good reproducibility and repeatability.
2.With the automatic returning technical platform to realize the value transformation from the national standard

CFR tester to SYD-QX-G and be geared with the China standard GB/T5487 and ASTM D2699,improve the

measurement accuracy and expand the measurement range.
3.Establishing the technical platform to jointly do the auxiliary calculation with the traditional petroleum detecting

instruments(Distillation tester,Densimeter),it makes sure that the cetane index of diesel fuels and the cetane number

be measured more accurately,and could gear with the technical requirements GB/T386.
4.It adopts the color LCD touch display,with simple and convenient man-machine conversation screen,and guide

the user to operate correctly according to the hints on the screen display.
5. It adopts automatic value assignment calibration technology. The calibration procedure is simple, the method is

scientific, and the calibration result is accurate and reliable.
6. Gasoline octane number test:A test can display research octane number, motor octane number and antiknock

index at the same time. Diesel fuels test can display the cetane number,to input standard density and mid-boiling

point can get cetane index, to derive the correct the cetane number automatically.
7. It needs less test oil, every test only needs 150 ml samples; The test time is short, every test time is in 1 min.

Octane meter QX-G.jpg

  • Specifications:
1. Measurement range:

(1)Aviation gasoline: 86.0~105.0/MON
(2) Gasoline for motor vehicles:National standard: 65.0~110.0/RON National-V standard: 70~115.0/RON
Blended gasoline: 75.0~120.0/RON Light gasoline:50.0~85.0 /MON
Isomerized gasoline: 85.0~120.0/RON Arene gasoline:90.0~120.0/RON
Ethanol: E93: 92.0~95.0/RON E97: 95.0~99.0/RON Judgement: 60.0~120.0/RON

(3) Automobile diesel fuels:25~75/CN(cetane number); 20~80/CI(cetane index)

2. Accuracy:

Aviation gasoline: ≤± 1.5/MON Gasoline for motor vehicles: ≤±1.5/RON ≤± 1.5/MON

Automobile diesel fuels: ≤±2.6/CN ≤±2.6/CI Regression sample retest: ≤±0.5/RON ≤±0.5/MON
Regression sample measurement: ≤±1.5/RON ≤± 1.5/MON
Calibration accuracy: ≤±0.2/RON ≤±0.2/MON

3.Precision(confidence level 95%): Reproducibility: ≤±0.5/RON Repeatability: ≤±0.2/RON
4.Minimum scale: 0.1/RON 0.1/MON 0.1/CI

5.Response time:
6.Test result: LCD display, it can store and print
7.Power supply: AC(220±10%)V,(50±1)Hz
8.Working environment: 10℃~35℃;relative humidity:≤85%
9.Dimension: 330 mm×240 mm×170 mm

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