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origin: Shangqiu city, Henan Province,China
packaging: 1*40FR open container. 1*40HQ container.
MOQ: 1

China used tyres oil recycling pyrolysis process plant with High-Quality, Leading used tyres oil recycling pyrolysis process plant Manufacturers & Suppliers, find used tyres oil recycling pyrolysis process plant Factory & Exporters.

used tyres oil recycling pyrolysis process plant 1. Production Description Of Used Tyres Oil Recycling Pyrolysis Process Plant ** Working Description: Loading raw material to reactor then heating the reactor, the temperature rise up 150-200 degree, the oil gas go into cooling system cooling to oil then flow into the oil tank. the non-condensible gas through safety system go into furnace burn instead of fuel. the dust from furnace will through the dust remove system process for ensure the emission non-pollution. then after heat around 7-12hours(as the machine capacity,the time also different) later, the machine stop then start to cooling, Discharge slag (carbon black ) use automatic discharge machine when temperature will down to be 80- 100℃. **Capacity: 5Tpd, 6Tpd, 8Tpd, 9Tpd, 10Tpd, 12Tpd, 15Tpd ** Raw Material can be used: ** End Product 40-45% Tyre oil * Can be sell directly. * Make diesel and gasoline by use oil distillation machine. * Can be as fuel for heating pyrolysis machine. 35-40% Carbon black: * can be sell directly. * can be refining to high mesh carbon black (sell higher price) * make pellet by use carbon make pellet machine. 15% Steel wire * can be sell directly. * can be pressed to steel bloom use hydraulic packing machine, convenient storage and transportation. 5% Non-condensible Gas * can be as fuel burn by use gas burn system(we supply gas burner free.) * extra gas also be storage as fuel for other heating. 2. Why Choose Us A. 10 Years Manufacturing Experience. B. Exported machine to more than 50 countries. C. Free Installation, Debugging and Training. D. 2 Years Warranty for whole set machine and lifetime maintainance. E. Low Alloy Steel material ensure its lifetime to be more than 5 years. the whole machine life ≥10 Years. F. The liftetime free wearing parts. G. The machine not make any pollution. 3. Certifications 4. Running Machine 5. Customer Visiting 6. Delivery Machine used tyres oil recycling pyrolysis process plant http://www.pyrolysis-equipment.com

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