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Wood Laser Cutting Machine


origin: Jinan China
packaging: wooden package
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China Acrylic laser cutting machine with High-Quality, Leading Acrylic laser cutting machine Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Acrylic laser cutting machine Factory & Exporters.

Attention to detail and individuality characterize your products. With a XUANLIN laser cutter CO2, Laser engraving is the most well known use for laser cnc machines. The process involves burning a shallow depth of material away to leave a visible design usually in the form of a logo. But while laser engraving logos is a popular use, products with customized text benefit from the simplicity of the laser the most.. Wood and bamboo are best suited for laser processing applications such as signage, decoration and photo frame, point of sale displays, and much more. Capable of processing a variety of material depths, laser wood cutter can even handle panels up to 25 mm thick efficiently, resulting in clear and art drawing without any additional post-processing needed. Laser does not only have cutting function, but also has engraving function, laser wood engravers make great help to modern decoration and gifts area. Wood can be marked with a cnc laser cutter to create a color change, or laser engraved for a matte finish with a CO2 system. Materials suitable for laser engraving and cutting wood acrylic cloth leather matter board paper Impressions Technical Parameter: Model XL1390SA Laser Power 130W(Domestic or imported laser source) Working Area 900x1300mm Positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm Positioning Speed 20mm/min Whole size 1600*2303*1227 Electricity demand 220V±10%/10A Whole weight 400kg Cutting Capability Thickness mm/min 10mm Acrylic 300mm/min 20mm Acrylic 60mm/min 30mm Acrylic 30mm/min 9mmMDF 280mm/min XL1390SA compared with the ordinary belt machine Advantage XL1390SA Ordinary belt machine Higher accuracy import servo motor+ball screw, ensure the consistency of batch processing products. Stepper motor+belt. It could not ensure products have same size when batch processing. Better stability Professional constant temperature water cooling machine,Temperature control precision±1℃ Usually water tank+water pump(No refrigeration function) Independent research and development has a monitoring, directed, protective function of high voltage power supply Ordinary high voltage power supply,don`t have monitoring and protection function. Run more smoothly Design of X/Y axis drive to control geometry Design of drive both ends of the belt pulley through the middle belt pulley,Belt tightness can not be consistent Cutting thicker, more smooth for cutting The max thickness could cut 30mm Acrylic. cutting surface smooth and bright. It only could cut part of 20mm acrylic in a short time, it doesn`t have smooth and bright cutting surface Applicable materials: Acrylic. MDF. Wood. Perspex. Plastic. Clothes. Paper. Leather. Rubber and other non metal material Application industry: Advertising, crafts, shoes, toys, computer embroidery cutting, garment industry, model, construction industry

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