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China Laser Cutting and Engraving of Textile with High-Quality, Leading Laser Cutting and Engraving of Textile Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Laser Cutting and Engraving of Textile Factory & Exporters.

Laser Cutting CO2 and Engraving of Textile With a XUANLIN lazer engraving machine, cutting your fabrics and textiles to size can be done with both efficiency and ease. Laser cutter your materials can provide both a tactile effect and unparalleled high-quality finish. Whether your application is cutting unique and fine detailed shapes out of polyester, or engraving on a wide variety of other materials, laser fabric cutting machines offer nearly endless design possibilities. Even applications with synthetic substances can be laser fabric cutting, as these types of materials react very well during processing. Fabric cnc laser cutter is ideal for processing polyester, because they perfectly seal the edges once heat is applied from the laser beam, and the material is left without any fraying. You see laser engraving machines is a great invention and innovation for human beings, make great efficient to so many industrial. Textile types suitable for laser processing Alcantara Cotton Felt Fleece Jeans Lace Linen Polyester Silk Softshell Impressions Technical Parameter Model XL1830 Auto Laser Power: 130W(Domestic or imported laser source) Working Area: 1800x3000mm Positioning Accuracy: ±0.05mm Positioning Speed: 20mm/min Whole size: 2000*3500*1300 Electricity demand: 220V±10%/10A Whole weight: 800kg Cutting Capability Thickness mm/min 10mm Acrylic 300mm/min 20mm Acrylic 60mm/min 30mm Acrylic 30mm/min 9mmMDF 280mm/min XL1830SA compared with the ordinary belt machine Advantage XL1830 Auto Ordinary belt machine Higher accuracy import servo motor+ball screw, ensure the consistency of batch processing products. Stepper motor+belt.It could not ensure products have same size when batch processing. Better stability Professional constant temperature water cooling machine,Temperature control precision±1℃ Usually water tank+water pump(No refrigeration function) Independent research and development has a monitoring, directed, protective function of high voltage power supply Ordinary high voltage power supply,don`t have monitoring and protection function. Run more smoothly Design of X/Y axis drive to control geometry Design of drive both ends of the belt pulley through the middle belt pulley,Belt tightness can not be consistent Cutting thicker, more smooth for cutting The max thickness could cut 30mm Acrylic. cutting surface smooth and bright. It only could cut part of 20mm acrylic in a short time, it doesn`t have smooth and bright cutting surface Details of machine Application industry When cutting textiles with a laser system, the laser will process the materials with both flexibility and precision. The heat that is applied by the laser beam melts the materials during the cutting process, resulting in clean and perfectly sealed edges. Furthermore, for textile applications that are engraved, end products can be given a special finish as the laser will create a tactile and visual effect. Arts and crafts Automotive Industries Clothing Curtains/Drapes Decorations Design Promotional items

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