Enerna IoTech Infrared Baby Fever Body Thermometer T130


Name: Enerna IoTech Infrared Baby Fever Body Thermometer
Condition: 100% Brand New
Resolution: 0.1℃(0.1℉)
MOQ: 1 1

Enerna IoTech Infrared Baby Fever Body Thermometer Features:

1. High precision with non-contact body temperature measurement ,suitable for baby.
2. You can switch Celsius mode and Fahrenheit mode freely.
3. Thoughtful design with a ergonomic handle, easy to operate.
4. Multifunction infrared thermometer measurement mode, you can measure body inner and body surface
5. You can set a temperature alarm for yourself, it will alarm when the temperature is up to what you have set.
6. Power-save design, it will automatically keep data and power off after 8 seconds.
7. This product can store the most recent 32 measured data for you.
8. The LCD with black light is suitable for the low-light environments.
9. Applicable for body, milk, bath water, BBQ, grilling wine, water, food storage temperature, etc

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