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Enerna IoTech Infrared pet & animal thermometer T180


Name: Enerna IoTech Infrared pet & animal thermometer
Battery type: 9V
Net weight: 0.29
MOQ: 1 1


Enerna IoTech Infrared pet & animal thermometer Features
1. The high optical measurement distance and object to target ratio (D:S=30:1/50:1), easy to measure difficult to approach the target.
2. 50.0 wide measuring range ~1000 DEG C.
3. Unique and new chassis design.
4. Built-in laser sight, can quickly and accurately aim.
5. Data retention function, can save the value, so that the operator can accurately read the measurement value.
6. MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG temperature display.
7. Automatic shutdown and high and low temperature alarm device.
8. Emissivity adjustment setting (0.1 to 1) can adjust emissivity according to need

Infrared Pet & Animal Thermometer, Non-contact Veterinary Thermometer, Dog Infrared Thermometer, Pig Infrared Thermometer, Cat Temperature Monitor, Pet Temperature Tester, Laser Temperature Measuring Instrument, Handhold Animal Temperature Meter, LCD Digi,

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