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Colorful speckles for detergent powder

Price: USD 175.00/


Sichuan Jinzhuang Technology Co., Ltd

We are professional manufacturer of colorful speckles for detergent powder making in China.

Coloful Speckles for Detergent Powder

Main Compositions: sofium carbonate, sodium sulfate, bond marterials, pigment

Classification ( according to main compostion): Sodium Sulfate Anhydrous Speckles; Sodium Sulfate- Sodium Carbonate Speckles.

Shape: Flow freely, colorful grannules.

Purpose: Colorful speckles are used directly into detergent powder to increase a visual effect.

Direction:1.3%~3.0% of colorful speckles.

Packing:25kgs Bags PP/PLE

Storage: In a cool, dry, well-ventilated area and be away from weight press and sunlight.


Appearance Flow freely, no agglomeration, speckles
Odor No peculiar smell
Apparent gravity 800~1200g/ml
Time of slaking,s ≤300
Particle size ≥1.40mm (14mesh).% ≤5.0
Particle size 0.45~1.40mm (14~40 mesh),% ≥80
Particle size ≤0.25mm (60mesh), % ≤5.0
PH value (1% aqueous solution, 25℃) 7.0~12.0
Soda ash content,% 0~30
Loss in drying, % ≤5.0

raw material for washing powder, detergent speckles,

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Jinzhuang Technology Co., Ltd

speckles for detergent powder

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