Die Cast Heat Sinks


Die cast heat sinks are a practical means to cool different electronic components and devices. These include circuit boards, LED fixtures, automotive, communication and military electronics

Die Cast Heat Sinks

In the process to manufacture a die cast heatsink, two halves of a die are required in the die casting process. One half is called the “cover die half” and the other is called the “ejector die half”. A parting line is created on the part where the two die halves meet. The die is designed so that the finished casting will slide off the cover half of the die and remain in the ejector half as the die is opened. The ejector half contains ejector pins to push the casting out of the ejector die half. In order to prevent damage to the casting, an ejector pin plate accurately drives all of the pins out of the ejector die at the same time and with the same force. The ejector pin plate also retracts the pins after ejecting the casting to prepare for the next shot.

High Pressure Die Casting is a cost effective option for high volume solutions required to be light weight and superior cosmetic surface quality. Die Cast heat sinks come out in near net shape and require little to no additional assembly and can range in complexity. Die cast heat sinks are popular in the LED market due to the unique shape and weight requirements and high volume production needs.

We can provide companies, suppliers, and individuals with die cast heat sinks in a variety of applications, including:

Circuit boards (PC boards):

High powered lasers

Fixtures, housings & LED (light emitting diode) boards

Audio equipment

Automotive equipment

Communication equipment (such as cellular & satellite devices)

We’re also leading aluminum heat sink manufacturers for various types of communication equipment that is lightweight and offers excellent resistance against corrosion.

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