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Wholesale interior wall Emulsion latex paint

Sunny rain exterior emulsion paint finish

standard: 30*34
20kg: 35*38
25kg: 45*55
Price: USD 25.00/bucket
MOQ: 500 bucket


Super weatherability, water resistance, alkali resistance
Very strong washability, non-toxic and good non combustible cover
Easy to construct, good alkali resistance, excellent mildew and algae resistance
Can cover tiny cracks

"Exterior wall special emulsion paint" series is a series of special paint products developed according to the characteristics of the environment where the exterior wall of the building is located. It has excellent weather resistance, stain resistance, super self-cleaning, enhancing the durability of the paint film, washable, waterproof and breathable, excellent stretch elasticity, full coating, covering fine cracks, wide color range and other functions, making it often in the wind, sun, rain and stain invasion The exterior walls in the attacking environment are as new as ever.

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