ANSI Wedge Anchor Wedge Anchor Bolts Expansion Bolt

ANSI Wedge Anchor Wedge Anchor Bolts Expansion Bolt

ANSI Wedge Anchor Wedge Anchor Bolts Expansion Bolt

Product Description

Wedge Anchor Is An Expansion Bolt. It Is Relatively Long And Easy To Install. It Is Usually Used For Heavy Load Facilities. Therefore, It Is Widely Used In Many Industries, Which Can Be Used For A Fixed Purpose. Wedge Anchor, no higher requirements for the depth and cleanliness of concrete cavity, easy to install, and the price is not expensive.Choose appropriate embedding depth according to the thickness of the fixed roof. As the embedding depth increases, the tension increases. This product has a reliable expansion function.Body material: stainless steel, carbon steel and other metal materials.

Product Details


Wedge Anchor




Carbon Steel

Surface Treatment:



Kraft Carton + Small White Box Or Guest Customization




Can Be Customized

Delivery Date:

30 Days

Transaction Mode:

T/T, L/C, Cash, Western Union



Anchor Bolt features:

This product has long threads and is easy to install and is usually used in heavy load installations.

To get a reliable, huge fastening force, you have to make sure that the clip that's attached to the wedge anchor is fully inflated.And the expansion clip should not detach from the rod or distort in the hole.

The nominal tension values are all tested under the condition of cement strength of 260~300kgs/cm2, and the maximum safety load should not exceed 25% of the nominal value.

We are a Wood Screw wholesaler.Since the beginning of this century, the company has been engaged in wedge anchor,white zinc plated drop in anchor,Expansion Bolt and custom chemical anchor manufacturing industry, and has won widespread favor and approval.

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ANSI Wedge Anchor Wedge Anchor Bolts Expansion Bolt,