Product:Ammonium Sulphate Type:Nitrate Fertilizer
Advantage:By-product of Cyanuric acid CAS No.:7783-20-0 EINECS No.:231-984-1
Molecular Formula:(NH4)2SO4 Inspect Standard GB535-1995
Appearance: White Crystalline granular
Purity: 99%min Sulfur content: 23%Min Nitrogen: 21%min Moisture: 1%max
Fress Acid: 0.2% max Water Insolubles:0.02% max Size: Φ2-5mm 95% pass

AquaPure Chemicals Limited is a professional producer for fertilizers inChina. We produce Urea 110,000mt/year &Ammonium Sulphate 80,000mt/year.

Our products including:
Urea 46% granular
Ammonium Sulphate 21% granular

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