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Acrylic Surface Panel


Finger print -proof PET surface panles offers an excentllant value and consistent quality in supper matte compents .the supper matt surface is created by using imported Italy ALFATHER finger print -proof PET film applied over on melamine board .

scratch resistant Acrylic Surface Panel

SETTING Acrylic offers the highest quality in high gloss components .The high gloss acrylic surface are laminated onto super refined mdf or plywood using PUR glue in a clean room environment to ensure a mirror -like reflective quality

MDF Acrylic Surface Panel Information

- 1 or 1.5mm High Gloss Acrylic Face with protective film
- 1 or 1.5mm Matching Matt ABS Or Acrylic or HPL
- Highly scratch resistant
- Foam membrane between every sheet
- Packed in 50 sheets
- All edges Trimmed

-4*8FT ,4*10FT Thickness 5-36mm

-Core :MDF ,HDF ,OSB ,Particle board , PVC Foam board Etc .

-Hardness :2H , 4H

-Adhesive:Germany brand hot-melt-adhesive

HDF Acrylic Surface Panel Advantages :

* Flatness--Prossing though non-dust pressing plant with high quality material

* UV resistance: Surface with treatment which uv resistance

* Mirror-like reflective quality: Glossy level more than 95, the top layer is 0.8mm transprent acrylic sheet which looks like glass

* Scratch-proof: the hardness is around 2H

* heat & humidity resistant

No bubbles, anti-pollution, clear more convenient

Smooth, solid, inconspicuous seams;

Very high oxygen index & flame resistant;

Extremely durable and easy to maintain and repair.

Anti-fouling, not due to moisture and expansion and contraction.

Setting is specialized in produce Gloss PET Surface Panel.

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Acrylic Surface Panel,

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Finger print proof PET surface panel...

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