Wall fan vietnam rectangular toilet ventilating two way exhaust fan


Air Volume: 38000CMH
Power: 750 W
Diameter: 1060mm
Price: USD 150.00/1
MOQ: 10 1

Main model

Product Show

Operating Principle


The ventilation is thorough and efficient, and the ventilation rate can be as high as 99%, achieving the effect of ventilation and cooling.

Install the negative pressure fan outside the shop window, generally choose the downwind, draw the wind out, and extract the smelly gas.

The air flow takes away the heat of the human body, and the air flow accelerates the evaporation of the sweat to absorb the heat of the human body.

Product Parts

Installation case

Main Feature

Can be used with other ventilation and cooling equipment

Technical Parameter
Hot Selling Industrial Wall Mounted Ventilation System Negative Pessure Fan AT-1260
Model number
750 w
380 V
Fans diameter (mm)
Noise decibel
<68 dB
Air Volume(m³/H)
Length x width x height (mm)
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