Isoamyl cinnamate


Price: USD 1.00/kg
MOQ: 1000 kg

Isoamyl cinnamate

Other names: Cinnamic acid isopentyl ester; Zimtsaeure-isopentylester; ISO-PENTYL CINNAMATE; ISOAMYL CINNAMATE,NATURAL; Isopentylcinnamat

CAS No.: 7779-65-9

Molecular formula: C14H18O2

Molecular weight: 218.29

Molar mass: 176.21

Melting point: no

Boiling point: 310 °C(lit.)

Flash point: >230 °F

Refractive indexn20/D 1.536(lit.)

Properties : 123

Purity : 99%+

Packaging : 200kg blue barrel

Storage method: dry and cold

Usage :

It can be used in honey, floral, berry and other flavors, as well as in the preparation of edible flavors and daily flavors.

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