decorticated Artemia Cysts

coarse protein: >50%

coarse fat:>10%

coarse fibre:>3%

moisture :<11%

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Product Advantages:

avoid incubation ready-to-use, natural pollution-free.Good palatability, good quality.

Nutrient absorption is fast, high protein.Micro particles, not muddy water.

Promote the fish growth, improve the fish physical fitness, enhance the fish body color.

Contains rich protein, unsaturated fatty acid, natural carotene.

Net content: 5 kg to 10 kg

Scope of application: suitable for aquaculture, small tropical fish, all kinds of larval fish, sea fish, small and medium sized light flying fish, etc.

quality guarantee period: 24 months

Method of use: feed the fish 2-3 times a day.The best to eat is for the fish within minutes.

Storage conditions: cool and dry place.

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decorticated Artemia Cysts,