multiple water distiller for injection


Price: USD 15000.00/set
MOQ: 1 set

Distillation process consists of water steaming, followed by steam condensate, to eliminate the most volatile or non-volatile impurities at water boiling temperature. Multi-effect distillation process includes several effects in which evaporation and condensate usually occur at the same time. Feed water evaporates in columns consisting of tube condensers and decontamination chambers (so-called “effects”) joined by a flange connection and having different pressure and decreasing temperature. The first effect is fed by an external heat source; in the subsequent effects this energy is totally reused being energetically self-sufficient. The number of effects is usually included between three and seven. An increasing number of effects involves more investment costs reducing operative cost at the same time, thanks to higher percentage of recovered energy compared to energy fed in the first effect.

Under the guide of professor Lin Zaiqi of Dalian Institute of Technology, our engineer combine with the advanced experiences of producing water distiller in domestic and overseas, produce this new type tubular multi effect water distiller machine.

Due to its beautiful appearance, reasonable structure, advantage in saving steam and water, convenient operation, deeply praised by our customers. Widely used in hospital, pharmaceutical factory, and chemical research institutes etc. This distilled water made by this machine can be used in production of injection water, its water quality conforms to the regulations about the injectable distilled water in the pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China.

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