Concrete&Stone Casting Silicone is also named as concrete molding silicone&stone molding silicone. Which is used for model designing work of all kinds concrete&stone products either with simple or intricate patterns, such as craft stone, artificial stone, cement, artificial rock, floor tile,bricks block-outs etc. With good resistance to heat, deformation, acid & alkali and expansion, finished silicone molds serve very good performance in reproduction process with every fine detail on designing models.

1) Amazing fluidity and easy to operate

2) Delicate design available

3) Non Oily

4) Non-toxic and odorless catalyst Provided

5) Easy de-molding ² Excellent tension and tear strength

6) High performance in duplication

7)almost nil shrinkage below 0.2

8) Excellent resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid & aging-Proofing.

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craft stone, artificial stone, cement, artificial rock, floor tile, bricks block-outs,