Resin Casting Silicone


RTV-2 silicone rubber for Resin molds making , with hardness from 15-30A with caracters of : High temperature Resistance about 180-250C for resins , large reproductions molds timea about 80-120 times generally , and perfect reproductions features for detailed patterns for the soft hardness , and we can Offer you the RTV-2 Resin silicone according to your idea operation and demould time at any tempand mix ratio (while we suggest u to make the mix ratio for 100:2,for our years of experience,this mix Ratio the silicone proformance is the best one . )

1) Amazing fluidity and easy to operate

2) high temperature resistance 180-250C

3) Non Oily

4) Non-toxic and odorless catalyst Provided

5) Easy de-molding ² Excellent tension and tear strength

6) High performance in duplication

7)almost nil shrinkage below 0.2

8) Excellent resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid & aging-Proofing.

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