Sexy Dolls Silicone


Sexy Dolls Silicone is great to make silicone sexy dolls products such as sexy dolls for man, silicone dolls for woman, silicone buttocks, silicone breast pads etc. With platinum cured which is environmental friendly, odorless and nontoxic. Meanwhile sexy dolls silicone have soft hardness and excellent tension and tear strength and resilience .

1) Amazing fluidity and easy to operate

2) Platinum-based (environmental,odorless and nontoxic)

3) Delicate design available

4) Mixing ration: 1:1 and 10:1 are available

5) Easy de-molding

6) Excellent tension and tear strength

7) High performance in duplication

8) Non shrinkage

9) Excellent resistance to weather, temperature, aging, acid & aging-Proofing. ² High resistance to high temperature and aging(resist -60 to 250°C)

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