Good Flexibility PTFE fabrics


origin: China
packaging: Pallet
MOQ: 1000

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Outstanding temperature resistance(-73°C to +260°C) and great dimensional stability, plus the excellent high tensile, wear resistance, weather resistance etc. The non-stick surface make the product easy to use and easy to clean. It also has the high dielectric strength. Main Features: 1. Weather Resistance This can be applied in different temperature(-60℃~+260℃) and has the weather resistance and ageing resistance etc properties. Proved by practical application, if applied in 250℃ high temperature condition and placed consecutively over 200 days, the strength and weight will all stay at the same. If placed in 350℃ high temperature condition with 120 hours, the weight only reduce around 0.6%. In -180 ℃ under ultra-low temperature, the product have no any crack and still keep the original flexible. 2. Non-adhesion Function: Easy to clean the different attachment in the surface. 3. Mechanical Characteristics After the compression load, the product will not be deformed, lack of volume. Its dimensional stability is superior, the friction coefficient is very low(0.05-0.1), the elongation coefficient is less than 5‰, almost no elongation coefficient. 4. Electrical insulation Unique electrical insulation, dielectric loss tangent is 2.6, the dielectric loss tangent below 0.0025. 5. Corrosion Resistance: Resistance to different kinds of acid and alkali corrosion , no burning, ageing resistance.

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