High-temperature α-amylase for Alcohol Industry


Monosodium Glutamate.Alcohol Industry: the suitable diameter is 1.5mm, evenly mix up raw material and water in ratio 1:3.5-4.0 and keep water temperature at 45-55°C. Add 0.6L amylase(20000u/ml) for per ton, stir and pump into boiling heater

It is a kind of incision enzyme, that can hydrolyze starch, soluable dextrin and a-1, 4 dextrose glycosidic linkage of oligose. After the enzyme treatment, the viscosity of paste starch rapidly reduced, and hydrolyzed it into dextrin and a small amount of dextrose and maltose.https://www.creative-enzymes.com/product/Hightemperature-amylase-For-Alcohol-Industry_6.html

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