Putian Brotherstar industry and Trade Co., Ltd

Putian Brotherstar industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009, it is a professional thread enterprise integrating spinning, twisting, dyeing and finishing, research and development, and trading, Nylon yarn, polyester yarn, colored low stretch yarn, polypropylene fiber,leather thread, shoes thread, clothing thread,cases&bags thread, braided thread and fishery thread, high-strength polyester thread, nylon thread, bobbin yarn, PP thread, PE thread,water-proof thread,firebreak thread,Bondi thread, hollow thread, sewing thread, SP thread, wax thread, nylon monofilament, fishing thread, with high strength nylon monofilament, polyethylene thread, network thread, low stretch yarn used for weaving shoes fabric uppers and  the clothing.

Nylon twine in spool

Nylon twine in spool It is mainly used for making fishing net or repairing fishing net and some other industries use . Size:210D/2 plies-120 plie, Nylon twine,fishing net

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