192 Derma Roller Micro Needle

Micro-needle can help cell growth peptide gene active ingredients and multiple nutrients penetrate to different depths of skin cells quickly via very small pinholes. It can coverage the skin with average nutrition. During the repair period,

od Steel Frame Hotel Furniture

Coffee Table Hotel Furniture SPECIFICATIONS:DIMENSIONS Customzed COLORS Optional .different colors for you reference. MATERIALS 1.MDF /plywood as core materials . Veneer surface withdifferent color; 2.Design with Metal decoration or leg sup

NIGHTSTANDS Bedroom Furniture

"RIPPLING" NIGHTSTANDS Bedroom FurnitureThis American Solid Wooden Bedside Tables, crafted of solid American oak and oak veneer, the nightstand showcases a gallery front top and linear invisible drawer pulls supported by tapered turned legs

Animal Cage Traps

Mouse Cage Traps-Animal Cage TrapsAnping Berfect Wire Mesh Products Co.,LtdIt is a professional trap for mouse,also be for mice,rat,opossum, cats, rabbits and similar size animals. This trap measures 66cmL x 25cmW x25cmH. It features a very

elescopic Machine Bellow Cover

Exquisite Workmanship Flexible Steel Telescopic Machine Bellow CoverMaterial: stainless steel. It can stand with high pressure and has good tensile strength, toughness and elasticity, wearing and falmable resistanceResistances: It is High t

y Garden Fence Gate for Garden

Privacy Garden Fence Gate Welded Wire Mesh Gate for Garden Description: 1.Feature:Welded wire mesh for double fence gate. It is pvc coated. 2.Application: Mainly used in garden building, transport, breeding and machinery.3.Weaving: Made by

Cast Iron Pump Cover

Cast Iron Pump Cover Iron Casting Pump parts is one of our important products, mainly includes pump housing, pump impeller, pump cover, pump casing and so on. The main material is ductile iron QT400 QT500 and QT600 , grey iron HT200, HT250,

Printed Plastic Stand Up Bag

Stand Up Pouches including body, mouth, bag ; the bag body iscomposed of front and the back pocket bag body, bag and the bag body positiverespectively, the bag body on the back of the lower edge sealing, sealing partform sealing area, bag f

Custom Liquid Spout Bag

Thebiggest advantage of theLiquid Packaging Spout Bags over the common packaging is itsportability. The suction pocket can be easily put into the backpack oreven the pocket, and can reduce the volume of content, more convenient to carry.At

Extra Large Grill Cover

The revolutionary polyester fabric has just enough expansiveness to extendover the side tables, at the same time fitting appearance around the hull. Nomatter which climate you live in, this material has the resilience to shieldagainst extre

Non Woven Fabric Shopping Bag

Non Woven Shopping Bags are used very widely in many countries and regions , many peoples are using it to go shopping or packing something, some companies using it to make promotion with advertising , why so many peoples are choosing Non Wo

crossbody shoulder beach bags

This pink bag body is with fashion diamond design, the handbags body and the handles is made from EVA foam, durable , waterproof and can use for a long time. All hardware is gold tone.Zippered opening on top, with a white long pu leather st

n latest fashion red hand bags

The women latest fashion handbag body is EVA Injection Parts, a kind of foam material, durable and washable, easy to replace, easy to clean. The interior inserts are hooked to the handbag body from the inside andfixed to the screw of t

baby pull up diaper

1.PE Film Backsheet:with PE materials, economic type with size printing.2.PPTapes: sticky and can be use many times.3.BlueADL:distribute urine all over to make it more dry.4.Soft Cotton Topsheet:make baby feel more soft5.GoodAbsorbency: abs

Shower Curtain PEVA Ins Style

这是和谐新款Ins风格 Peva淋浴帘。它具有防水,抗菌和防霉功能.12防锈金属扣眼,带12件C型钩。我们的环保材料,安全印刷,不会释放任何难闻的气味,这保证了您浴室的良好和安全的环境。经典的设计和耐用的特性只适合您的家居生活。绿色环保对你有好处。环保产

Shower Curtain Polyester New Bathroom style

这是和谐新浴室风格 聚酯淋浴帘,我们的聚酯 淋浴帘 采用优质聚酯材料,独特和经典的设计与各种颜色的毛巾,地毯,浴室垫和任何其他浴室配件相匹配,这是一种方式刷新并改变浴室的外观,甚至将浴室变成您的水疗中心。我们不仅提供耐用的浴帘,还为您的浴室提

Shower Curtain PEVA Purple Flower

这是Harmony新的紫色花朵设计 Peva Shower Curtain .PEVA(聚乙烯醋酸乙烯酯)是一种不含氯化物的乙烯基,它是无毒的。我们的环保材料,安全印刷,不会释放任何难闻的气味,保证您的浴室安全和良好的环境。防水,抗菌,防霉.12防锈金属扣眼,12件C型钩。经典

8mm 10mm 12mm hdf herringbone laminate wooden flooring

1.Laminate FlooringFeatures(1) Abrasion: AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5(2) Surface: Embossed, hand scraped, deep registered, textured, feather, high gloss, mirror, E.I.R.,etc.(3) HDF: Brown,green and black core with 800 kg / m3, 850 kg / m3 and 90

10mm 12mm 8mm hdf laminate flooring manufacturer

1.Laminate FlooringFeatures(1) Abrasion: AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4, AC5(2) Surface: Embossed, hand scraped, deep registered, textured, feather, high gloss, mirror, E.I.R.,etc.(3) HDF: Brown,green and black core with 800 kg / m3, 850 kg / m3 and 90

8mm hdf board rosewood timber smooth surface

1. 层压地板 特征(1)磨损:AC1,AC2,AC3,AC4,AC5 (2)表面:压纹,手工刮,深注册,纹理,羽毛,高光泽,镜面,EIR等。(3)HDF:棕色,绿色和黑色核心,800 kg / m3,850 kg / m3和900 kgs / m3 (4)点击关联:Unilin,Valinge 2G,Valinge 5G,单击,

Wood Flooring HDF AC5 Synchronous Embossed Surface

产品描述商品名称:层压木地板 厚度8.3mmHS:4411131900密度:780-800kg / m3,800-830kg / m3; 830-860kg / m3尺寸:1220 * 199 * 8.3mm ,1215x198x8.3mm表面:小浮雕/中间浮雕/水晶 /羽毛/光面/木纹等耐磨层等级:AC 1-AC4F ob青岛港或CFR,CIF

Hot new products laminate wood flooring laminate floorin

产品描述商品名称:层压木地板 厚度8.3mmHS:4411131900密度:780-800kg / m3,800-830kg / m3; 830-860kg / m3尺寸:1220 * 199 * 8.3mm ,1215x198x8.3mm表面:小浮雕/中间浮雕/水晶 /羽毛/光面/木纹等耐磨层等级:AC 1-AC4F ob青岛港或CFR,CIF

cast iron Dutch oven

Made with heavy-duty cast iron ,the Dutch oven retains heat well and distributes it evenly ,Heat spreads thoroughly across its wide , flat base and all the way up the tall sides for optimal cooking results .Even more , it comes with an enam

Luxurious Black Mink Coat

A luxurious , formal , red carpet worthy coat , timeless , durable and never out of fashion. Well made.Ge the feel and look of a celebrity wearing this magnificent coat and enjoy it for several years , even decades.Reversible women mink coa

rtable Pet Travel Carrying Bag

Wholesale Luxury Portable Pet Travel Carrying Bag Features: · Good quality and fashionable style · It's a very perfect tool to help your dog traveling and going out · Includes shoulder and handle carrying straps · Two-way head zipper, m

Plastic Ice Scoop Set of 3PCS

BPA-Free Kitchen Plastic Ice Cream Scoop Set of 3PCS Plastic Ice Scoop is used for sugar, sweets, ice, pet food, etc. Kitchen Ice Cream Scoop is great for any occasion, party, wedding, bar and so on Ice Cream Scoop clear plastic scoops Each

prototype machining watch case

Our CNC milling process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in as fast as 5 day. We use 4-axis milling and 5-axis indexed milling processes to manufacture parts from more than 20 engineering-grade plastics and metals.Pro

Automobile Engine Crank case

Description- Automobile Engine Crank case A crankcase is the housing for the crankshaft in a reciprocating internal combustion engine. The enclosure forms the largest cavity in the engine and is located below the cylinder(s), which in a mul

Compatible 44260 Cleaning Kit

Fargo Compatible 44260Cleaning KitAdhesive Cleaning RollersFeaturesBenefits Fargo Card Printer Cleaning Kits44260 compatible cleaning sleeves are made from high quality plastic core manufactured by precise molding machine. Fargo adhesive ro

Compatible ACL003 Cleaning Kit

Evolis Compatible ACL003Cleaning KitAdhesive Cleaning CardsApplications Evolis Compatible Cleaning KitsACL003 is used on below printers:Zenius, Primacy, Elypso FeaturesBenefits Our Evolis ACL003 compatible Laminator Adhesive Cleaning Cardsa

se Plastic Disposable Raincoat

One Time Use Plastic Disposable Raincoat One Time Use Plastic Disposable Raincoat isPE raincoat is one of disposable and emergency raincoat, the size, color, thickness, weight, package, printing can be customized. The PE raincoat popular us

Vegetable And Fruit Plastic Sieve Basket With Lid

产品编号:R369材质:塑料塑料类型:PP 特点:环保,库存颜色:蓝色,棕色,红色,灰色尺码:S:310 * 215 * 170mm M:360 * 250 * 190mm长:410 * 285 * 200mm 装箱数量/ CTN:S:80,M:60,L:40 净重:S:298.5g,M:412.5g,L:534.5g GW / CTN:S:25KG

Plastic Kitchen Dish Rack Tableware Storage Box

产品编号:R698产品类别:收纳架及架用途:厨房碗筷组合材质:塑料塑料类型:PP 特点:环保,库存颜色:蓝色,绿色,粉红色,紫色尺码:S:370 * 283 * 290mm M :430 * 325 * 315mm L:470 * 350 * 350mm XL:555 * 390 * 360mm 数量/ CTN:S:20,M:16,L

2 Layer 4pcs Set Seasoning Rack Plastic Condiment Box

产品编号:M324产品材质:PP 产品尺寸(cm):22.5 * 12.5 * 25.5 容量:350ml * 4 颜色:棕色,灰色,其色号:环保,库存净重(g):760 毛重(g):910 数量/ CTN:18 CBM / CTN:0.176 单位包装:1套/彩盒由优质PP材料制成,让您的香料保持新鲜,无异味,

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