im Carbide Rail Guide Assembly

PassimCarbide Rail Guide Assembly We have beendoingsomemodificationoftheguideassemblyforcigarettefactories,like DWA Company in Singapore.HereIattachedsomephotosoftwosetsofProtos 80/90RailGuidethatwejustcompleted(wechangedthestandard7.7mmto7

e Cooling Type Milling Machine

LINA16 InchMass ProductionMixing Mill With Water CoolingLINA is an important member of China Rubber Association and 16 InchMass ProductionCoolingMixing Millis popular withthe Student Entrepreneurship Practice Base of South China University

Ruby jewels, Jewel Bearings

Ruby BearingsJewel Bearings1.Detailed Description:Synthetic Sapphire and Ruby, because of their hardness and ability to accept a high polish, are recognized universally as the ideal material for instruments, meters, control devices and othe

Sapphire Tubes

Sapphire TubesPlease contact us for more informations if you want to inquiry us for Sapphire Tubes or just check our websitesapphire tubes

Sapphire rods

Sapphire RodsWe can supply various shapes sapphire rods:Semi-finished Cloudy Surface Rods,All Polished Sapphire RodsSapphire Plungers, Sapphire TipsSapphire Cone Rods, Sapphire Dome head Rods ETC.Please contact us or view our website for mo

Cast Iron Tensioner Parts

Cast Iron Tensioner Parts HR foundry who locates at the beautiful border city in north China - Dandong city, Liaoning province, is specialized in manufacturing various kinds of customized metal parts from material iron, steel, non-ferrous m

Tyre Extraction Oil Equipment

Scrap Tyre Extraction Oil Equipment Product Overviews 1. Unique Craft Condensers: High condensing efficiency with more oil output. Good quality oil, longer lifetime, and easy to clean. 2. National Patent Unique Smoke Scrubbers: More efficie

Plastic Oil Recycling Machine

Effcient Condensers Plastic Oil Recycling Machine The Features of XY-1-D Distillation Plant: 1.Automatic submerged welding technology, ultrasonic nondestructive testing,both manual and automatic safety devices. 2.Good quality end product oi

Crude Oil Refinery Equipment

Crude Oil Refinery Equipment - The entire plant applies the pure physical working principle, even heating and self-balancing flow, it has no damaging of oil substances.1.Semi-continuous operation, less manpower and low lost in operation. 2.

astic Oil Distillation Machine

Oil Refining Usage Plastic Oil Distillation Machine According to the actual situation in every country and district, we developed series of machine for crude oil, waste engine oil, tyre oil and plastic oil after pyrolysis that includes abou

oof Sheet Roll Forming Machine

Metal Tile Panel Roof Sheet Roll Forming MachineThis machine is compose of feeding table,forming machine,forming cutting device, hydraulic system,computer control system.Optional devices have manual uncoiler,hydraulic uncoiler,aoto stacker

g cutting roll forming machine

Simple Sheet Levelling/flatting cutting roll forming machineAccording to the thickness of the slitting plate, it can be divided into thin plate longitudinal trimming line (machining thickness 0.1-3.0mm) and thick plate longitudinal trimming

d Roofing Roll Forming Machine

Hydraulic Galvanized Roofing Sheet Roll Forming MachineWe are looking forward to working with you to build your reputation as a reliable source of roll formed parts and our reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner for roll forming m

azed tile roll forming machine

Roof sheet machine glazed tile roll forming machineThe production process of metal glazed tiles is not complicated. The production line equipment can be produced by automatic production line equipment, and it can also be produced by combini

of Panel Sheet Forming Machine

Metal Roofing IBR Roof Panel Sheet Forming Machine Metal Roofing IBR Roof Panel Sheet Forming Machine is also called tile forming machine.The most important thing is that we can design it as our client's request, no matter on the drawings o

Sintered Powder Filter Sheet

Sintered Powder Filter Sheet Technical DataRaw Material: SS 316L, TitaniumFilter Rating Range: 0.22 Micron - 100 MicronsOperation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃Length: ≤ 800 mmWidth: ≤ 320 mmRegular Size (Length*Width): 50 mm*50 mm,100 mm*100 mm,

Sintered Metal Filter Tube

Sintered metal Filter Tube Technical ParameterRaw Material: SS 316L, SS 304Filter Media: ZWEN Sintered Wire MeshFilter Rating Range: 0.5 Micron - 2000 MicronsFilter Efficiency:99.99 %Operation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃Outside Diameter: 10 mm,

Titanium Frit

Titanium Frit Technical DataRaw Material: TitaniumFilter Rating Range: 0.22 Micron - 100 MicronsOperation Temperature: ≤ 300 ℃Diameter: ≤ 400 mmThickness: 1 mm,1.5 mm,2 mm,3 mm,5 mm Titanium Frit Feature1. Titanium frit is made from tita

Pleated Metal Filter Cartridge

Pleated metal Filter Cartridge Technical ParameterRaw Material: SS 316L, SS 304Filter Rating Range: 1 Micron - 300 MicronsFilter Efficiency:99.99 %Operation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃Outside Diameter: 50 mm, 60 mm, 63.5 mm, 65 mm, 70 mm, 150 mm

Sintered Powder Filter Cartridge

Sintered Powder Filter Cartridge Technical DataRaw Material: SS 316L, TitaniumFilter Rating Range: 0.22 Micron - 100 MicronsOperation Temperature: ≤ 816 ℃Outside Diameter: 12 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 50 mm, 60 mm, 65 mm, 80 mm, 90 mm, 100 mmLeng

HDPE Plastic Locker T-H385M/2

China Plastic Locker Supplier offers HDPE Plastic Locker T-H385M/2: 2 Tiers. Heavy Duty Double Tier HDPE Plastic Locker, 2 Doors, 610mm Height x 385mm Width x 500mm Depth without base, for Laptops, Offices, Hallways, Outdoor. 6 Locker Door

ABS Plastic Locker T-382XXL

Flexible Configurations1 door 1 column: W382*D500*H1940mm3 doors 3 columns: W1146*D500*H1940mm- you can play withcolours and create your preferred design styleLocker door: red, yellow, green, navy blue, light blue, orange, coffee, gray, pin

ABS Lockers T-320M-50

Flexible ConfigurationsOne door one tier (1 door): W320*D500*H700mm (including 80mm base)3 tiers 2 columns (6 doors): W640*D500* H1940mm (including 80mm base) - you could play withcolours and create your preferred design styleLocker Door: r

P Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump

100RVL-SP Lengthening Sump Slurry Pump •ProductIntroduction100RVL-SP is extension type sump pump.It si vertical,centrifugal slurry pump submerged inwater to work. The pump belongs to extended SP series sump pump,which canbe applied to the

0/8S-GH High Head Gravel Pump

10/8S-GH High Head Gravel Pump•ProductIntroduction 10/8S-GH gravel pump is high head centrifugal slurry pump.It'scantileveredcentrifugal single casing pump connected with cassette,which makethe discharge direction could be positioned at an

350 X-TL(R) FGD Pump

350X-TL(R) Series FGD Pump•ProductIntroduction 350X-TL(R) is 350mm horizontal centrifugal pump.It is mainly used in desulfurization process.The pump iscantilevered and double casing structure pump. Thelining adopts replaceable hard al

Rubber Impeller Of Slurry Pump

Rubber Impeller Of Slurry Pump Product Profile Impeller is an important part of centrifugal pump, which has a significant impact on pump performance.Because the impeller is running at high speed, it will wear faster than other wet parts and

nch AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump

1 Inch AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump This pump is cantileveredhorizontal, centrifugal slurry pump. It'smainly used in mining, metallurgy, municipal, electric power, coal, petroleum, chemical, building materials and other industries. performanc

d grade oil transfer gear pump

2CY Stainless steel food grade oil transfer gear pump2CY Stainless steel food grade oil transfer gear pump applies to delivering food oil or other liquid properties similar to food oil without solid particles and fibers at temperature below

Hot cooking oil transfer pump

YCB-GHot cooking oil transfer pumpYCB-G Hot cooking oil transfer pump is used to transfer high temperature cooking oilwhich not includes solid particles and the temperature not higher than 300℃. It also applies to the site with heat-insula

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