oil transfer centrifugal pump

CYZSelf priming diesel fuel oil transfer pump It is a good oil pump for transporting easy combustion and explosive media. It is a kind of load and unload oil pump in boat. In addition, it can also be used for transporting sea water, fresh w

e thermal oil circulation pump

RY High temperature thermal oil circulation pumpIt is a single stage end suction centrifugal pump. is a kind of ideal hot oil circulation pump or heating body pump, is an ideal heat equipment supporting pump. It is suitable for conveying no

icating oil transfer gear pump

YCB lubricating oil transfer gear pumpIt's one kind of arc gear oil pump. pump have three kind of material: cast iron, stainless steel and cast steel. cast iron pump is used to transfer lubricating oil and other have lubricating medium. sta

Steel Coil Cut To Length Machine

Thiscut to lengthlinecanbeusedforlevelingand cutting coils into required length.Steelboardsarepressedagainandagainbetweentherollerswhichareworkingforlevelingtoeliminatestraininordertogetleveled.Thislineismainlyusedinmanufacturingofsmelting,

High Precision Slitting Machine

Slitting line used for slitting coil to multi-baby coils then winding together, it is widely used in pipe, punching, auto parts, coil processing, fittings, etc industries. it contains the mechnical parts, hydraulic part, electric part, pneu

Color Coating Line

This is a color coatingline that forms coats through advance application and baking of coating materials onto strips produced by Continuous Galvanizing Lines (CGL; to enhance corrosion resistance) and Continuous Annealing Lines (CAL; to imp

Spiral Submerged Arc Welded Pipes Line

Spiral submerged arc welded (SSAW) pipes are made from HR coil, where the coil is welded spirally to give a shape of pipe with the capacity to produce 270,000 tonnes of HSAW pipes. It manufactures high quality HSAW pipes conforming to

Carbon Steel Welded Pipe Mill

The characteristics for ourmill is line low speed, mes better than the carbon one, We own the abilities to design and manufacture the stainless steel welded pipe mill with the range of diameter 20-762mm,WT 0.5-22mm For the industrial stainl

Tire Recycling to Oil Machine

Used Car Tire Recycling to Oil Machine 1)Therawmaterialcanbeused in the Used Car Tire Recycling to Oil Machine : 2) End product (for example waste tyre is raw material): Working process Of used car tire recycling to oil machine: First, the

ttery electrolyte additives PS

1 3-Propane sultone CAS 1120-71-4Product Name:1,3-Propane sultoneCAS No.:1120-71-4Other Names:1,3-PSMF:C3H6O3SEINECS No.:214-317-9Place of Origin:Shandong, China (Mainland)Appearance:yellow liquid or whitecrystalPurity:99.9% Application:Mai

tomatic Hydraulic Filter Press

High Pressure Vertical Automatic Hydraulic Filter PressPlate-and-frame (type) filter press is a device for spasmic solid-liquid separation with plate, frame as filter room where liquid was transferred into by conveying pump, solid-liqu

p Stainless Steel Filter Press

Sugar Syrup Stainless Steel Filter Press Product Description The filter press is very effect tool intended to separate solids and liquids using pressure driven by feed pumps. The filter presses consist of the framework, the filter pack, cab

r Syrup Stainless Filter Press

Stainless Filter Press ,the rack is made of carbon steel with stainless steel wraped outside,and the filter plate and frame is made of SUS 304.Stainless Filter Press is suitable for variety suspension's solid-liquid separation.Widely used i

Press For Industrial Equipment

Cast Iron Sugar Filter Press For Industrial EquipmentThe filter plate of the cast iron filter press is casted by the cast iron with good quality or the ball iron.It has the feature of high strength,high temperature,quick filtration,lower mo

ne Plate Pharmacy Filter Press

We offer a broad array of filter press sizes to meet your needs. From 250mm all the way to 2000mm, our selection provides the right size press for your specific project. We also carry a wide selection of filter press parts and accessories l

screw sand washing machine

Spiral sand washer, also know as spiral sand washing machine, screw sand washer and screw sand washing machine, it needs to installed with some inclination, around 15 degree, when the spiral sand washer is working, with the rotating of the

e spun-bonded nonwoven machine

The S2800 polypropylene spun-bonded nonwoven product line is highly automated. Only three to four people are required to operate the machine and pack the non-woven fabric rollsduring the process of product line, which decreases greatly labo

ultra width lamination machine

Description: Based on ZLX-LM series platform, ZLX-LMIIlamination machines are specially designed to deal with lamination for extrawidth and ultra width. According to different orders and usages. ZLX-LM serieslamination and laminating combin

reathable film production line

Description:The machine can produce all kinds ofpackaging film, deep-embossed film, sanitary napkin PE base film, diaper basefilm, and various kinds of medical hygiene film. If the special stretching unitof this machine is started, breathab

e spun-bonded nonwoven machine

The Yuyang Nonwoven Machinery has 20 years experience of designing and manufacturing non-woven machine. Our technical team has rich experience and high tacklingcapacity, and the equipment developed by the technical team has stable andreliab

azed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Aluminium Metal Roof Glazed Tile Roll Forming MachineOur Glazed Roofing Metal Tile Roll Forming Machine is very popular. And we can guarantee the quality. Of course, we can give you the good price with high quality. If you are interested in

uble Deck Roll Forming Machine

Color Steel Roofing Double Deck Roll Forming Machinecnc double deck roll forming machine. The whole set of machine is consist of uncoiler, main machine rollers, cutting head,Hydraulic SystemAND Computer Control Cabinet and two output tables

azed Tile Roll Forming Machine

Color Steel Bamboo Glazed Tile Roll Forming MachineThe machine work flow :Uncoiling→Feeding material into machine→Roll forming→Measuring length→Stepformed→ Auto cutting→Products receiving.glazing roofing step tile roll forming machine

alia Door Frame Making Machine

This is also astock Door Frame Forming Machinein our factory. door frame making machine. We can supply you this machine with low price.Thedoor frame machineis designed according to customers' requirement. One machine can produce same profil

0 CO2 Laser tube laser machine

LP-1390 CO2 Laser tube laser machine Machine Features:1, Configure high power and quality laser tube, can work over 8000-10000 hours.2, U flash Disk Supported: Read files directly from U-flash disk, you can work even without PC!3, Red Dot P

er Engraving & Cutting Machine

LP1390 Mix Laser EngravingCutting Machine Product description: Details: Samples: Laser engraver after sale services: #2 years guarantee of the whole machine except some consumable parts, laser tube 10 months. #Free training at our factory.

engraving and cutting machine

co2 laser engraving and cutting machine Features:1.Themachineenjoysagoodperformancewithhighcuttingspeed,highefficiency, safe and stability. Itensures a small divergence angle and light beam of good quality. 2.Thelightspotenjoysgoodquality.A

Printing Production Line of Colored Aluminum Plate

The printing production line of colored aluminum plateis a complete of production equipment for colored aluminum plate, and the process is as follows: make the aluminumcoil strips be subjectto surface degreasing treatment, then apply multi-

color coating line

The printing production line of colored steel plate isa completeof production equipment for colored steel plate, and the process is as follows: make the steel coil strips be subject to surface degreasing, parkerising and passivating treatme

Smart off road crane rough terrain crane

8吨 拖拉机起重机 拖拉机起重机与螺旋式越野起重机 4WD起重机经济和环境保护,节省成本该产品配有光学匹配动力传动系统和具有锁定功能的变矩器,可在高速时将油耗降低20%以上。并联液压系统的单向稳定电流控制减少了流量损失; 重力下降变幅系统无需额外动力

5 ton tractor crane rough terrain crane

5吨 拖拉机起重机 越野起重机 4WD起重机产品亮点:强大的吊装力,广泛的工作它有19米主臂,最长的主臂和相同吨位产品中最高的综合提升性能。机动灵活,快速高效最高速度达到50km / h,最大爬坡能力为55%。转弯半径为5米。所有这三个因素使其变得灵活。自动定

20 ton truck crane mobile crane

20吨 自制起重机 ,双后桥。最大起升高度可达47米。配备康明斯B180发动机。加重装置和相机是可选的。型号:STSQ20D卡车底盘:自制发动机:玉柴,康明斯基地繁荣:8米动臂部分:7个部分最大起重量:20000kg最大起升高度:40米支腿跨度:6750mm * 8000mm外形尺

16 ton crane mobile crane tire crane

一般16吨起重机, 移动式起重机,轮胎起重机出售我们专注于3吨至20吨的 汽车起重机 20年。主要产品有:汽车起重机, 起重车,移动 式起重机,汽车起重机,汽车起重机,自制起重机和 拖拉机起重机。型号:STSQ16D卡车底盘:自制发动机:玉柴,康明斯基地繁荣:

8 ton truck crane mobile crane small crane

公司信息济宁四通工程机械有限公司成立于2005年,注册资金3,000,000美元,主要产品:小型汽车起重机(3-20吨),混凝土搅拌机(1-8cbm),水车和卫生设备。地点:山东省济宁市四通工业园区认证:ISO:9001-2008 / CE展览:广交会/ Bauma / ASEAN EXPO10年经验

decoration PS foamed frame moulding making machine

聚氨酯层压织物复合机装饰PS发泡框架成型机1-机器PS聚苯乙烯泡沫天花板装饰用于ORAC DECOR的Cornice模具可以制造聚苯乙烯泡沫裙边型材,聚苯乙烯泡沫装饰型材,聚苯乙烯泡沫相框,Mirro框架,相框,可以取代传统的木框架型材,成本低得多质量比木制型材好得多

Rotary veneer peeling machine for wood cutting

木饰面剥皮切割机旋转单板剥皮机木材切割机器简介:MSTAR单板剥皮机是自动和主轴减少,它配备高端配置。包括操作车床,MSTAR专利控制系统,伺服电机,专业减速机,铬涂层辊等。旋转 单板机 工作原理:计算机控制系统根据单板的厚度检测滚筒的速度,原木的直径

plastic tank blow moulding machine


High pressure polyurethane spray foam insulation machine


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