becomes the largest self-managed limited exported company of north of Shandong,Mainly supplys the futher processing of agricultural product and agriculture by-duct,the living creature product ,animal fodder,the marine lift product.The rate of exported productis over 90%.The company which owns fast fund USD6,000,000,with 457employees, and covers 110.000 square meters.Tianjin port is to north,Qingdao port and Dongying port are to the east.The transportation is leading everywhere,and the goods export is very convenient. Series of cornproduct, Granule Corn Gluten Meal, Powdery Corn Gluten Meal , soya protein concentrate (feed grade),and rice protein concentrat(feedgrade).Degrease fishmeal ,Pea Protein Powder biological fodder.etc ,Every year,the capacities of it as follow corn gluten meal 70,000metric tons;biology feed 200,000 metric tons;rice protein concentrate (feed grade) 30,000 metric tons; feed material 1,000,000 metric tons;Fishmeal 30,000,000 metric tons ;soya protein concentrate 20,000 metric tons ; Owns several subordinate companys: Binzhou Futian Biological Technology Co. Ltd, Rongcheng Zhongcheng fodder company,  co.,ltd     Binzhou JINLIANG Biological Technology Co.Ltd      Binzhou Futian corn development company      Dalian tianyi co.,ltd  Binzhou futianzhengda Biological Technolog co,.ltd and Binzhou Tiandiren E-bussiness Co. Ltd. 

chicken powder

【Name】: chicken powder 【Coarse protein】>= 68.37% 【fat】<= 12.91% 【Moisture】<=4.35% 【Min Order】: 20 ton 【expiration date】: 12 months, chicken powder

Artemia Cysts

Artemia Cysts is the company optimize the cultivating high-quality bohai bay halogen eggs as raw material, USES the advanced halogen eggs processing equipment and technology, the working procedure more strict screening, product high hatching rate, hatching rate 90%), rich nutrition, without impurities, hatch thermal performance is strong, especially suitable for use, tropical aquaculture countries and regions are fish, shrimp, crab seedling quality fresh bait.The product sells in distant markets domestic and foreign, liaoning, jiangsu, guangdong, guangxi, hainan and other places, the company with its stable product quality and good reputation, deep with registered permanent residence of the trust Packaging: vacuum tin can be packed, 425 grams per can, 12 cans per case (carton) of goods to be carried out quality - inspection to ensure quality products are delivered to customers., Artemia Cysts

decorticated Artemia Cysts

coarse protein: >50% coarse fat:>10% coarse fibre:>3% moisture :<11% contact us:0086-543-18054358111 18706600333 Product Advantages: avoid incubation ready-to-use, natural pollution-free.Good palatability, good quality. Nutrient absorption is fast, high protein.Micro particles, not muddy water. Promote the fish growth, improve the fish physical fitness, enhance the fish body color. Contains rich protein, unsaturated fatty acid, natural carotene., decorticated Artemia Cysts

corn gluten meal

Coarse protein>61% Coarse ash <2.0% Moisture <10% Advantages: as the byproduct of corn flour, has the function for the stock's growing and disease-resistant. It is the premium additive of stock raising and fodder industry, and can be used to draw matural yellow cause It contains abundant amino acid., corn gluten meal

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