Ningbo Yinzhou Guanghui Composite Materials Co., Ltd.

G-Hui Corporation(GHC) provides high-quality special tape solutions and application products.

We have world-class production lines and research capabilities. The cooperation between GHC and multiple research partners will enable us to deliver the advanced products for our customers. We are the leaders in composite products, such as PTFE Coated fiberglass Fabrics tapes, PTFE Film(high modulus) tapes, Silicone & PTFE Coated Fabrics, Non-stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats, Non-stick Grilling & Chip Mesh Basket, high-frequency PTFE print-circuit board, multi-layer PTFE laminated film, fluorine material, various high-temperature elastomer composite materials. Our products have been used in the areas of medical, food, telecommunications, and national defense industries. We welcome the partners to work together and expend the product markets. We are very confident our capability to provide our customers the best solutions.

Ghui's Commitment

As a major supplier of PTFE related products(fabric tapes, film tapes, fabrics etc.), we fully understand that we have our responsibility. We highly pay attention to our product quality, customer service and the product packaging etc..

We wish we can establish a long term and mutually beneficial cooperation relationship with our customers. It is our goal to become an world wide and trustworthy supplier and provide good quality PTFE related products.

Ghui's Future

Developing the Internation business world widely.

Looking for distributors.

Why Work With Us

The advanced manufacturing machinery

Rich experience in the Chinese and Overseas Market

Pay attention to product quality, focus on packaging and all details that matters

Competitive price

Timely delivery

Long term partnership


Good Flexibility PTFE fabrics

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PTFE Anti-static Fabric Tapes

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h Temperature Resistance Tapes

China High Temperature Resistance Tapes with High-Quality, Leading High Temperature Resistance Tapes Manufacturers & Suppliers, find High Temperature Resistance Tapes Factory & Exporters., High Temperature Tape,Industrial Adhesive Tape,Medical Adhesive Tape

resistance adhesive film tape

China Heat resistance adhesive film tape with High-Quality, Leading Heat resistance adhesive film tape Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Heat resistance adhesive film tape Factory & Exporters., Heat Resistance Adhesive Film Tape,Heat Resistant Film Tape,Adhesive Film Tape

Self Adhesive Fabric Tapes

China Self Adhesive Fabric Tapes with High-Quality, Leading Self Adhesive Fabric Tapes Manufacturers & Suppliers, find Self Adhesive Fabric Tapes Factory & Exporters., Self Adhesive Fabric Tapes,Self Adhesive Fabric Tape,Anti-static Adhesive Fabric Tapes

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