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Youqing Friendly paint is located in China's first paint town-Guangdong Shunde.It enjoys a high reputation among consumers and is regarded as the advocate of high quality and healthy coatings in China,become an expert in painting. Youqing Friendly coating R & D team breaks through the bottleneck of film forming technology in coating decoration industry.

The formulation can make the paint cross-linked into tough film after painting without adding additional VOC. It has stronger stain resistance and scrubbing resistance. Keep the formula clean and environmental protection, and protect the family from the harm of VOC.

Youqing friendly paint is determined to provide consumers with environmentally friendly and healthy paint products. Especially at the moment when the safety of building materials is full of crisis and hidden danger. Take environmental protection as the most important criterion of business operation, and adopt low-carbon environmental protection.

Youqing friendly paint focuses on research and development of technology, relying on superb production equipment and technology, to meet the ultimate needs of consumers' perfect home experience, and constantly innovate and improve.

The factory has advanced production equipment, the annual production of paint can meet more than 100 million square meters of wall painting.

The factory adopts large-scale industrial production to ensure stable and pure quality, so that each can of coating can ensure safety, pollution-free and stable quality.

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Guangdong Youqing Architectural Coatings Co.,Ltd


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Floor Two,Seat 35 of Changfeng Building Ronggui Town Shunde Area Foshan City Guangdong Province China, Guangdong, China, 528303


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