Shijiazhuang zhongshi testing machine CO.,LTD

As a professional manufacturer of  plastic&rubber testing machines, Shijiazhuang Zhongshi Testing Machine Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company integrated by R&D, manufacturing, marketing and relative service as well. The registered trademark “Zhongshi” enjoys respected reputation in our industry.

Historic milestones:
1. In April 1999, the company is established.

2. In September 2000, the company is accredited as a high-tech company by Sci-Tech Commission of Hebei province.

3. In January 2001, the company is awarded “High quality brand for testing equipment” by Plastic Piping Sub-Committee Affiliated with China Plastic Industry Association.

4. In May 2001, the company won the honor of "star enterprise of manufacturing testing equipments for plastic windows doors and pipes" of Hebei Construction Bureau.

5. In November 2003, working conference of PPIA is held in our company.

6. In February 2005, Our company becomes a membership unit of Pipes and Valves Sub Commission of National Technical Committee of Standardization for Plastic Products. (TC48/SC3), participating and formulating the following national standards: Pipes standard of buried PP pipes for water supply (QB/T1929-2006) (has been promulgated) Thermoplastics piping systems for hot and cold water supply, Test method for the resistance of pipes and fittings mounted assemblies to thermal cycling (GB/T19993-2005) (has been promulgated) Plastic valves national standard (in authorization) .

7. In October 2005, the company is the training base of "Inspector Professional Appraisal work of National Pipes Laboratory" held by Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

8. In January 2006, the company obtained the right of self-run export; our products were sold to many countries over the world.

9. In February 2006, the company became a committee member of National Testing Machines Standardization Technical Committee (SAC/TC122).

10. In Jan 2007, our products were certified by European Union CE.

11.On December 4 th 2008,our company passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Management System Certificate successfully.

Electron Universal Testing Machine

All machines are controlled by microprocessor, it can be controlled independently, menu operation, flexibly set, LCD, English interface. All the machines equipped with micro printer to print the result. May match PC, The special software can measure the performance data of various materials. May match macro-deformation measure system, Testing Machine

Charpy Impact Testing Machine

Usage : Measuring the impact resistance intensity of the non-metal materials (including plastic pipes) Conform to the standards ISO179, JB/T8762-1998, ISO9854 Main technical parameter: Model Digital display Type XJJD-50 Impact energy 7.5J, 15J, 25J, 50J Velocity at impact 3.8 m/s Strike center distance 395mm, testing machine, Charpy Impact Testing Machine

DSC - 100 Differential Scanning Calorimeter

DSC is designed to determine the inner heat transition relating to temperature and heat flow, it is widely used in the field of polymer development, performance testing & quality control. DSC research and development includes the following field: glass transition temperature, melting point, cold crystallization, crystallization, phase transition, oxidation induction time (OIT, calorimeter, Scanning Calorimeter

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