Filling CO2 Pressure Regulator with Ce

为什么选择我们? 1.有竞争力的价格和优良的品质。2.制造商直接销售。 3.可以提供样品。 欢迎随时访问我们。价格说明: 1 .价格条款:FOB青岛USD 2.最小起订量:我们没有起订量的要求。3.装运时间:由于您订购的数量。4.付款方式:电汇提前。5.包装:结实的海

0.0001g analytical density scale

0.0001g analytical density scaleAnalytical Balanceanalytical density scale, Analytical Balance Manufacturer1.RS232 interface connect with computer or printer2.LCD display3.Capacity:60g/100g/110g/200g/210g4.Precision:0.0001gWe also provide 1

Flat Washer Washer custom Flat Washer wholesale

Flat Washer Washercustom Flat Washer wholesaleFlat washersare usually thin pieces of various shapes designed to reduce friction, prevent leakage, isolate, prevent loosening, or disperse pressure. Such components are found in many materials

O/C/L Sleeve Anchor O Sleeve Anchor Sleeve Anchor

O/C/L Sleeve AnchorO Sleeve Anchor Sleeve AnchorBody material: carbon steel. according to the installation of different head, according to customer requirements.• suitable base material: concrete, stone, solid brick.• suitable for steel s

CK6163E Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine

CK6163EHeavy Duty CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineProduct main features and uses:This Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machinecan undertake a variety of turning workpiece, it can turning the various parts of the outer circl

H6236 Double Head CNC Lathe Machine

H6236Double Head CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe Features :Two spindleTaiwan higher accuracy linear guidewaysHigher working efficiencyAutomatic lubricatingApplication :The Double Head CNC Lathe Machinei

H36 Linear Guide Rail CNC Lathe

H36Linear Guide Rail CNC LatheFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe Features:Higher accuracy Taiwan linear guidewaysHigher speed spindle unit,Optional homemade spindleHigher rigidity cast ironApplication:The machine is suitab

CK6140 CNC Lath Machine

Flat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Horizontal Lathe Factory ChinaFeatures:Four position electric turretFrequency conversion stepless speed regulationStandard configuration :manual chuckOptional configuration:spring collet ,hydraulic chuck ,auto

CQK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

CQK6140CNC Lathe MachineFlat Bed CNC Lathe MachineCNC Lathe MachineHeavy Duty CNC Lathe MachineProduct description:1.Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw tran

fruit and vegetable cleaner/fruit washing machine


High ratio reliable cheap sausage smoke furnace

Shandong Zeko Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you with a multi-function smoker with cooking, drying, smoking and coloring. Duck smoker / dried bean smoker.All constructions and outer walls of the roast duck smoke oven / dried bean smoke oven a

Precision Aluminium CNC Part CNC Machining Service

CNC Parts Machining Service1) Product Name: Precision Part CNC Machining Service2) Capabilities: Milling/ Drilling/ Turning/ Grinding/ Tapping/ Casting/ Stamping/ CNC Center Machining/ Mould Designing/ Prototyping, etc.3) Tolerances: +/-0.0

light duty slotted angle shelving system

Hot galvanized slotted angle steel iron rack shelving is mainly composed of pillars and steel laminates. It is suitable for manual access to lighter goods. Slotted angle steel shelving it can be used with plastic turnover box to store a var

Electro permanent magnetic chuck

Electropermanentmagneticchuck(EP50Series)Description :1.Comprising50mm*50mmpoleswithaforceof15-17kgf/cm2.2.Itispossibletopredeterminetheforcegeneratedbycountingthenumberofpoles,workpiecegrippingatleast4polecontactfaces.3.ControllerdotheMagn

Sell Sine permanent magnetic chuck

Sine permanent magnetic chuckUse:Suit for high grinding EDM for Angle process.FeatureThe base is made of high-quality steel and processed by heat treatment.The parallel degree 0.005mm/100mm of angles with high hardness and precision is obta

Sell permanent magnetic Chuck

1 Increase efficiency remarkably, constant, even and foreseeable magnetism, allow to change workpiece easily and swiftly.2 Waterproofness of permanent magnet plate is excellent, allow to be used with cutting fluid.3 Magnetic clamp poles are

Sell permanent magnetic Chuck

Micro Pole permanent magnetic Chuck(PMCMSeries) Use: 1.Suitableforheavyandlightgrinding. 2.BestforsmallermediumandlargerworkpieceandthinworkpieceFeature: 1.PermanentmagneticchuckwithNedymiummagnets,strongmagneticforceandlessremainingmagneti

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