LBY is a professional manufacturer specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing of LED light for worldwide sign industry. Since 2004, we have been devoted to designing and producing more efficient and easily-installed LED products. At the same time, we also offer customized design, OEM and work instruction service. Our general target is saving total cost for customers.The company is improved all the time by working together with many industrial leading partners, today, LBY, the name means reliable quality, good consistency, high light efficiency and cost effective. We now have 22 domestic offices and maintain very good relationships with our distributors from more than 50 countries. The local service cover most products users no matter where they locate. The company is also very actively providing its products and service to national projects and government signs.

The employees are proud of working with such a top LED manufacturer in sign industry. With the most knowledgeable team and technologically advanced products, we are looking forward to working with customers throughout the world.

Lingbenyang emphasizes on product quality. We took a lead in conforming to ISO 9001 Quality System and all of our products are CE, RoHS and UL certificated. We have more than 40 variety of products which won the national invention or design patent.

Lingbenyang will keep working on developing innovative and high quality LED signage modules and LED strips so as to creat maximum value to our customers.

le led module narrow light box

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0.65W RGB Lens Led Module

China 0.65W RGB Lens Led Module with High-Quality Wholesale, Leading 0.65W RGB Lens Led Module Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 0.65W RGB Lens Led Module Factory&Exporters, 0.65W RGB Lens Led Module for sale., RGB Lens Led Module,0.65W Lens Led Module,RGB Led Module

s led module for signs outdoor

China 4leds led module for signs outdoor with High-Quality Wholesale, Leading 4leds led module for signs outdoor Manufacturers & Suppliers, find 4leds led module for signs outdoor Factory&Exporters, 4leds led module for signs outdoor for sale., IP65 Led Module,4leds Module for Channel Letters,Long Lifespan Led Module

Osram LED 9W led righd bar

China {title} with High-Quality, Leading {title} Manufacturers & Suppliers, find {title} Factory & Exporters., 9W Osram LED Rigid Bar,9W Led Rigid Bar,7000K Osram Led Rigid Bar

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