pond liner for waste treatment

waterproof hdpe geomembrane pond liner for waste treatmentHDPE ordinary smooth geomembrane has excellent impermeable and antifouling property and mechanical property; dimensional stability, chemical stability, thermal resistance and aging r

Polyamine for Water Treatment

Polyamineisliquid cationic polymer of different molecular weight which work efficiently asprimary coagulants and charge neutralization agents in liquid-solid separationprocesses in a wide variety of industries.Such as: Water treatment (drin

n For Industry Water Treatment

Polyaluminium Chloride Iron (PAFC) is made up of aluminum salt and iron ironsalt coagulation hydrolyzing and become a kind of inorganic polymer coagulant.Can be used for drinking water, industrial water service and industrialeffluent and do

for Municipal sewage treatment

Hydrochloric Acid for Municipal sewage treatment HCl is a strong, monoprotic acid, which means it can release only one H+ ion (proton). Being a strong acid, it gets completely dissociated in water to give the hydronium and chloride ions. H

Membrane Oxygen enriched module

Membraneoxygen generation system can be using for oxygen enriched combustion,oxygen enriched ventilation,home oxygen bar,plateau oxygen breathing,Aeration inunderground space,biological fermentation、aquiculture and sewage disposal etc

Flat sheet membrane

Membranesheet is the key unit for membrane element; it is the foundation of industrialapplication. Choosing proper membrane is very important for applicationsuccess.Wecan offer UF/MF/NF/RO membrane sheet with various membrane chemistry andd

Ceramic membrane

Ceramic membrane is aporous fine ceramic filter which is sintered from Aluminia Titania or Zirconiaunder ultra high temperature. Ceramic membrane normally has an asymmetricalstructure with porous support active membrane layer. The macro por

en with Sweet Potato Pet Treat

Bulk Chicken with Sweet Potato Pet Treat,100% beef tendon natural snack,Great as a reward dog snack,dry chicken beef tendon.These Dog Chews encourage dental hygiene for dogs - Helps reduce tartar and cleans teeth.Healthy,delicious single-in

multiple water distiller for injection

Under the guideof professor Lin Zaiqi of Dalian Institute of Technology, our engineer combinewith the advanced experiences of producing water distiller in domestic andoverseas, produce this new type tubular multi effect water distiller mach

water distiller for pharmacy

We have a variety of commercial distillers available for medicalfacilities, chemical institute,Laboratoryand industial application.They can be custom built to suit specificpurity and use cases. We carry everything from small models to large

food grade activated carbon

Food grade activated carbon with large specific surface area, strong adsorption capacity, high wear resistance strength, fast filtering features, main is suitable for the liquid phase and gas phase adsorption, adsorption, adsorption, decolo

Powder Activated Carbon

Powder activated carbon, acicular carbon with high quality wood and fruit shell as raw material. With the production of zinc chloride, it has developed middle hole structure, high adsorption capacity, rapid filtration and so on. It is mainl

Coal Based Activated Carbon

Coal based activated carbon is made of high quality coal as raw materials, which is developed through a series of processes such as carbonization, cooling, activation and washing. Its appearance is generally black cylindrical activated carb